For Father’s Day, This Canadian Baker Made An Incredible Transparent Koi Pond Cake

Published 4 years ago

Grace, aka petrichoro, is a Vancouver, Canada-based home baker who occasionally shares photos of her amazing culinary masterpieces on her Instagram. Just recently, the woman shared pictures of an incredible Koi pond mousse cake she baked for Father’s Day, and the amount of detail will absolutely blow you away.

The cake Grace baked looks more like a piece of art rather than something you would serve to your guests but the woman assured that everything you see is completely edible – except for maybe the cattail stems that are made of dried bamboo. The baker says she stayed up until 5 am while baking it but the result was clearly worth the sleepless night.

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Canadian baker petrichoro recently shared photos of the incredible Koi pond cake she baked for Father’s Day

Image source: petrichoro

Grace says that she had this project on her to-do list for quite a while but has always been too intimidated to start. However, she decided to finally take the plunge and says she’s very glad she did.

Grace assured that everything you see on the cake is edible – except for maybe the cattail stems that are made of dried bamboo

Image source: petrichoro

To create all the tiny details, Grace used sweet bean paste and agar-based jello. She says it was her first time using the paste and she spent 40 minutes peeling the kidney beans just to make the tiny waterlily leaves.

The baker used sweet bean paste and agar-based jello to create all of the tiny details

Image source: petrichoro

“I love making small and intricate things, and I had so so much fun working on the lilies and koi,” writes the baker on her Instagram post.‎

Image source: petrichoro

The Koi cake consists of four layers: agar almond jelly, blueberry mousse, white chocolate mousse, and black sesame chiffon cake.

This isn’t the first time Grace has made incredible food art – check out more of her creations below!

Image source: petrichoro

Pikachu kimchi pork stir-fry

Image source: petrichoro

Eeyore roll cake

Image source: petrichoro

Tonkatsu curry bear

Image source: petrichoro

Studio Ghibli macarons

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