35 Times Amputees And Disabled People Wore Genius Halloween Costumes

Published 8 months ago

Halloween is a time of year where creativity knows no bounds. It’s a time when people of all backgrounds and abilities come together to celebrate with fun and imaginative costumes.

For amputees and disabled individuals, Halloween provides a unique opportunity to showcase their creativity and resilience. Let’s explore some heartwarming instances when amputees and disabled people donned genius Halloween costumes that not only impressed but also inspired.

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#1 I Am More Of A My Body Is Half There Instead Of Half Gone Type Of Girl

Image source: huelya_dennis

Jane No Dough : “Love that wicked sense of humor, very creative!”

DorisSan : “She is completely gorgeous!!”

daniel r weir : “this is so hysterically funny. she’s got a great sense of humor.”

#2 Am I Worthy To Wield This Costume? This Halloween I’m Dressing As Jonathan, Ahem, Mjölnir

Image source: Josh Sundquist

LB : “If you click the name under the picture there’s a whole video of his costumes throughout the years! It’s really funny.”

Elita One : “Didn’t even need to see his name to know this is Josh Sundquist, he always has great costumes.”

#3 Dad Builds His Son An Oilers’ Zamboni Over His Wheelchair For Halloween

Image source: DJ Oetting, DJ Oetting

Hokuloa : “A Zamboni for Halloween. Like a boss little man!!”

#4 My First Amputee-Themed Costume – Baby Shark Attack

Image source: tarasv3

David : “Baby Shark, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo Baby Shark, doo-doo, doo-doo, doo-doo (have an ear worm)”

#5 My Sister’s Boyfriend Was Born With An Underdeveloped Hand. This Was Their Halloween Costume

Image source: taylorguitar13

Blobster : “Haha oh god love it!”

#6 Diver In The Shark Cage Costume

Image source: costume-works.com

“My grandson is in the shark cage. He is a special needs child who can’t walk or talk. His father has been making these costumes since he was little. His father makes him a part of everyday life events and Halloween is his best. Materials used are cardboard cut for the theme he wants, glued, painted, and tied to hold onto the wheelchair. The idea came from his mother and brother because they like anything to do with the ocean.”

#7 Yesteryear, When Things Were “Normal”. I Miss Those Times

Image source: jfetchko12

David : “imagine being a little kid and meeting a ‘pirate’ with a real peg leg.”

RavenTheCat : “I told myself if i ever lost a leg id get a pegleg for sure. I absolutely love pirates and this just made my day.”

#8 It Was So Fun To Dress Up And See All The Little Kids In Their Costumes

Image source: camille_vanzant1989

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “I would like to order a hotdog with mustard, chilli, and onions please!”

#9 My Halloween Costume This Year. Have To Be Creative With My Walker. Rubber Ducky In The Bath

Image source: taytay1144

John Harrison : “This is adorable. :)”

Freya (she/they/he) : “Her smile is everything”

#10 Happy Halloween. This Was Made With Sweat, Tears And One Giant Meltdown

Image source: cheethamswithdreams

UpQuarkDownQuark (he/hey you) : “What a happy face!”

#11 I Promised These Girls The Most Epic, Coolest, Fastest Car They Could Drive On Halloween

Image source: tabithasewer

Mrs.C : “Race race race race! Too cute 😍”

#12 This Elderly Woman Dressed As Olenna Tyrell. Her Wheelchair Was Turned Into The Iron Throne And She Even Had An Assistant In Costume. As The Queen Of Thorns, She Looked Perfect

Image source: fandom.com

Hokuloa : “Ok, guess I’m a GOT sucker, cause I love this one too 😂”

Mr. Nurse Man : “I want them to know it was me…who stole the tapioca pudding.”

LokisLilButterknife : “Tell Cersei…I want her to know it was me.”

#13 Blackjack Dealer At The Max Grand

Image source: rachill_out

Bridgett Haney : “So creative!”

Pensive_Panda : “He is a casino boss in the making”

#14 Payton Sure Looks Handsome Sitting In His Adaptive Halloween Costume. Cutest, Most Stylish Maverick

Image source: steph_stanley12

Mr. Nurse Man : “*Danger Zone begins playing in the background.*”

#15 Amputee Halloween Is The Best Halloween! And You Cannot Change My Mind

Image source: aannggeellll, aannggeellll

Maartje : “I like them all, but I got a thing for Borg-like costumes :) So that’s my favorite.”

Upstaged75 : “A friend of mine was born without several fingers on his left hand. His best costume was the time he dressed up as a chef. He used fake blood and held a butchers knife as if he had just chopped off his own fingers. It really freaked people out. :)”

#16 My 5-Year-Old Going As A “Pile Of Crayons” For Halloween. They’re Made From Pool Noodles, Hockey Tape And Construction Paper And Tied Together So They Can Be Hung On Her Walker

Image source: muthernurture

JoNo : “Very imaginative costume – it’s great!”

#17 Happy Halloween

Image source: riseupforrhys

Jane No Dough : “Awesome kid, beautiful costume design, great parrot!”

#18 I’m An Amputee. Here’s My Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: DeadZeppelin011

Maartje : “Just WOW”

Screeching Owl : “Walking dead vibes”

#19 My Grandma Found A Clever Way To Incorporate Her Walker Into Her Halloween Costume

Image source: WetLikeImBook

DorisSan : “Yay, her! If I could walk for more than a minute with my walker, both she and the Rubber Ducky have inspired me to create a costume for meself!”

glowworm2 : “Perfect! Well done, Grandma.”

#20 Sushi Roll

Image source: jordyn_gualdani

sabda niaga : “Oohh cutest sushi ever😘”

Freya (she/they/he) : “I like how his wheelchair even has a design of sushi 🍣 on it.”

#21 Jeremy’s Back To The Future DeLorean Wheelchair Costume – Halloween 2020

Image source: RyanSMiller

Bridgett Haney : “Wow! This is incredible!”

#22 Astronaut Emmy

Image source: jodi_blair

Hokuloa : “Oh my goodness, how adorable! You go little astronaut!”

#23 Volunteers Gathered At The Offices Of RS&H In Deerwood Park To Reveal And Deliver The Adaptive Halloween Costumes Requested By Wheelchair-Bound Children

Image source: jaxdotcom

LB : “I think I like this Cinderella carriage the best of them all, it’s so elegant and detailed!”

David : “They are all good but the girl in the ‘pumpkin coach’ themed one looks pretty happy.”

#24 Limited Edition Barbie Costume

Image source: idayumokhtar

#25 I’m An Amputee And I Usually Make Cosplays Around My Bionic Arm, But Trading It Out For The Chainsaw This Time Was Worth It

Image source: fullmetalharmony

#26 E.T. Phone Home

Image source: hannahcagle2013

#27 Halloween, We Are So Ready For You

Image source: briellaandme, briellaandme

#28 Incorporating A Wheelchair Into A Costume Properly. She Always Pays Her Debts

Image source: FRANKMIR

#29 My Prince Charming Surprised Me With This Cinderella Carriage Wheelchair Costume

Image source: the_disabled_diva

#30 Terminator-In

Image source: gina.ruhl

#31 Chef Mo Doing Her Best Gordon Ramsay This Halloween

Image source: mightymonasmama

#32 We Had A Great Evening At Avon Valley Park For Their Last Halloween Event. We Even Dressed Up The Wheelchair, Harmonie Had Great Fun Zooming Around

Image source: hope4harmonie

#33 Each Year My Wife Builds A Costume For My Son’s Wheelchair. This Year He’s The Zombie Monster Truck

Image source: G3g3nsch3in

#34 Trick-Or-Treat

Image source: campnolimits

#35 Without The Ruby Red Slippers, I Doubt I’ll Be Headed Back Home To Alberta Anytime Soon. Nonetheless, Happy Halloween Everyone

Image source: ifican.chriskoch

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