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Architect Creates Conical Structure With 832 Colorful Glass Panels That Reflect Weather Outside

Published 1 year ago

Studio Other Spaces, founded by artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Sebastian Behmann in 2014, created the Vertical Panorama Pavilion for The Donum Estate in Sonoma Valley. The conical structure acts as a space dedicated to tasting wine, enabling a contextual and unique encounter between senses and surroundings.

The beautiful construction consists of 832 glass pieces arranged around an oculus that opens to the north. The Vertical Panorama Pavilion claims to “enable a unique encounter between our senses and our surroundings”. The design for the pavilion creates a “holistic experience” through its natural surroundings and breathtaking view.

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Image source: Studio Other Spaces

Keeping in mind the microclimate of the vineyard, the studio designed the translucent panels by using meteorological measurements of temperature, humidity, solar radiance, and wind intensity.

Image source: Studio Other Spaces

As the sun passes over the stained glass panels, the brick construction shows off a full spectrum of color.

Image source: Studio Other Spaces

The specific qualities of the site are beautifully represented by the Pavillion and its marvelous design certain makes it unique and beautifully aligned with the surroundings.

Image source: Studio Other Spaces

Image source: Studio Other Spaces

Image source: Studio Other Spaces

Image source: Studio Other Spaces

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