These Digital Artists Are Creating Mesmerizing Visualizations Using Flowers As Inspiration

Published 4 years ago

Shy Studio is an independent motion graphics studio founded by 3D animators Misha Shyukin and Hannes Hummel. Recently, the duo unveiled their latest project titled Artificial Bloom where they created mesmerizing digital flowers inspired by organic structures and natural patterns.

In an interview with DeMilked, Misha said that the artists’ inspiration for the project was their own fascination with flowers and the way they are structured, the way their petals and leaves are arranged and follow certain patterns. “We really enjoyed trying to re-create those natural patterns or even using them as a base to generate our own procedural flowers and plants,” said the artist.

More info: Shy Studio | Instagram | Behance

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Misha Shyukin and Hannes Hummel of Shy Studio recently unveiled their latest project

To create the digital flowers, the artists use photo references of real flowers as a starting point and then start building the 3D objects in Cinema 4D and Houdini. “We used a mix of Octane and Redshift as our render engine for the final image or video,” explained Misha.

It is titled Artificial Bloom and features stunning digital flowers inspired by natural patterns

Artificial bloom is a self-initiated series exploring the mesmerizing variety of organic structures and natural patterns,” write the artists on the project’s Behance page.


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“Symmetry, tessellations, logarithmic spiral shapes and patterns within patterns – taking a biomorphic design approach of living forms as a starting point of our visual exploration. The result is a series of still life -prints and animated short clips emphasizing the aesthetic of our nature.”

Each of the visualizations took the artists between two days and a week to complete.

Both Misha and Hannes have over 10 years of experience in creating digital art, and their projects are always fascinating to look at. You can see more of their works on their website and Behance page.


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