Artist Creates Diamond-Shaped Paper Lamps

Published 7 years ago

Working on different projects in the field of low-polygon art, young graphic designer originally from Russia was looking for the creation of something new and at the same time useful in the field of interior design. In the process of creating and studying the different details of the interior, the designer seems to have realized his ideas in the creation of minimalist lamps – crystals in the style of a low polygon with the ability to change color lampshades.

By changing the color of the crystal lamp, you can change the atmosphere of the room mood while using the lamp as a light source or home party decoration. Each replaceable crystal has its original shape and color. Apart from plain colors, you can use two-color crystals, which, when the lamp is on will show a gradient effect. This will allow for greater illumination of the room, if necessary.

The aim is to make the purchase of a complete set of lamps easily available for the opportunities to create a new mood in the interior every day.

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