These Origami Lampshades Are Carefully Handcrafted With An Eco-Conscious Approach

Published 7 years ago

Simply crafted with a handmade origami technique that uses high-quality paper, Orikomi lamps are a statement of love for the planet.

Orikomi brand was created in November 2013 and it’s based in the sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

Two architects, Ana Morgado and Carmo Caldeira, are responsible for the development of the Orikomi products. They use the geometry of origami as inspiration, blending the paper folding art with lighting and focusing on its environmental concern.

Orikomi lampshades have a positive ecological impact due to the fact that they are handmade, have low energy consumption (promoting the use of energy-saving light bulbs) and at the end of their life cycle are completely recyclable. These products make a statement as an alternative lighting solution with low impact on the environment but with a high impact aesthetically.

The brand follows the principle that design should be economical and affordable, being paper a material that fulfills these requirements, but also, perfectionist and ambitious, especially considering the importance of lighting to guarantee spatial interior quality.

Despite its complex construction, it is extremely easy to hang and suitable to light up a variety of spaces at home.

It is an extremely versatile product, available in several models and colors, allowing innumerable possible conjugations.

At the online shop, besides the big range of plain pastel colors, you can find unique patterns that are the result of partnerships between Orikomi and other designers, which diversify the collection. Orikomi also has 3 available sizes of lampshades to match all type of rooms and needs.

More info: Etsy | orikomi

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Orikomi Tropical Special Edition is perfect to keep the summer feeling

Folding process in action

Cute Pastel Colours

Orikomi Plain and Stripe

Orikomi has diferent sizes suitable for diferent rooms

Orikomi gives a zen vibe to any work space

Orikomi Studio

Always a good solution is to match two diferent lampshades

Mango juice, the smell of fresh strawberries, diving in a bright blue sea. This is the spirit behind Orikomi Summer Collection

…and because Orikomi lampshades are not only pastel and bright colours

Inspired by the wild and untamed nature, the Wildflower Collection features floral patterns

Real candy crush

Got wisdom to pour?



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