Artist Daria Petrilli Creates Impressive Surreal Illustrations

Published 2 weeks ago

Daria Petrilli, born in 1970, is a celebrated artist based in Rome. Known for her surreal illustrations, she has gained acclaim for her unique style that combines digital art and traditional illustration techniques. Petrilli’s work primarily features portraits of women, capturing their dreams and obsessions in ethereal, fantastical settings. Her art has earned her numerous awards and memberships, including the Italian Association of Illustrators.

Petrilli’s artistic journey has seen her work showcased in national and international exhibitions, from Bologna to Tehran and Lisbon. Her pieces often feature women adorned with wings and feathers, wrapped in robes of shells and flowers, and portrayed in scenes with animals and plants. These figures merge with nature, conveying stories of loneliness and introspection. Her fine art limited editions and collaborations with prestigious companies like Shiseido and Miss Sixty highlight her versatility. She also designs covers for major Italian publishing houses such as Einaudi, Rizzoli, and Feltrinelli, and co-authored and illustrated “L’Atlante dei luoghi infestati” for Bompiani.

The artist’s female figures are surreal and ethereal, reminiscent of Bronzino’s tapered fingers. They inhabit dreamlike settings, merging with nature and exuding a divine aura. These figures convey stories of loneliness and introspection, their piercing gazes revealing hidden depths.

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Image source: Daria Petrilli

In an interview with DeMilked, Petrilli shared insights into her creative process and artistic technique.

How long have you been creating your works?

“My cultural background has always been based on art studies since high school. Later, I specialized with a master’s degree in illustration. I started out as an illustrator and have always tried to find a unique and distinctive expression. The inspiration came a decade ago, at the birth of my daughter Galatea. Not having much space in the house to be able to ‘do things’ with traditional techniques, I began to ‘play’ with the Mac. This digital technique has become MY art because it contemplates a myriad of creative possibilities that I had not previously considered, tied to the use of my manual skills, acquired through years of practice.”

Image source: Daria Petrilli

What influenced or inspired you to pursue this particular art form?

“I have always been fascinated by many styles and artists, but the current I feel most akin to is surrealism. Not surprisingly, I have been mentioned among contemporary pop surrealist artists. I am inspired not only by painting but also by the world of photography, film, fashion, and architecture. I admire the past but also contemporary languages. I have a curious approach to every art form, which digital technique allows me to mix.”

Image source: Daria Petrilli

Could you share some information about your creative process?

“My creative process starts from the search for an original idea, an intuition that starts from the dreamlike retracing the thread of a dream that I try to remember when I wake up. Once I choose what I want to represent, I look for many images that I mix and crop, changing their perspectives. When the composition takes shape, I intervene with brushes and digital effects. My contribution to the work is purely conceptual. My technique is versatile, but I could never use it without having an idea of what I would have achieved with a traditional technique. I always look for a textural and undefined result, following my stylistic signature of when using brushes with acrylic.”

Image source: Daria Petrilli

Through her impressive body of work, artist Daria Petrilli continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art while honoring the timeless traditions of the past.

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