Artist Combines Knitting And Digital Painting To Create Mesmerizing Artworks (10 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Faith Humphrey Hill is a portrait artist who combines modern digital tools and traditional painting techniques to create her innovative knit portraits. Before she started to combine knitting and digital drawing five years ago, the artist delved exclusively into oil paints and charcoal. In an interview with DeMilked, the artist told us that her subject matter has always been working from life in a representational manner.

Faith started her website, dartily to discover “artists, artwork, and art theory as well as experiment with art mediums”. Check out some of her wonderful works in the gallery below.

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Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill

The artist further elaborated, “Before my Knit Print series, my knitting was all function objects such as socks and sweaters. My current body of work includes Knit Prints which have a photograph of a knit fabric layered beneath a digital drawing, Knit Art which includes the knit fabric physically layered beneath a stencil or 3D print, Knit Tapestries which are 6 color large scale (up to 7 feet tall) knit fabric portraits; and Knit Animations, where every frame is knit and drawn independently.”


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill

Faith got inspired to create her Knit Print series from an experience she had exhibiting her drawings. The artist revealed, “While at the exhibit, I was knitting socks as I spoke with the guests. People kept commenting on my knitting recalling their experience with the medium. I went back to the studio the next day and reflected on the words they were saying about the knitting. Words like “warmth” “comfort” “hug” “protection”. I knew I wanted those words associated with the faces that I render. So, I went in search of a way to combine the two mediums. I’ve found the combination of knitting and digital tools feels authentic to me. I live my life with metal implants in my heart and along my spine. As a person I’m a mix between organic and inorganic…so should my art.”


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill

The artist also shared her process for creating knit prints –

“1. I select a face often through an artist-to-artist resource where reference photos are provided for use in artwork.

2. The portrait is drawn free-hand utilizing layers and digital tools.

3. Once the drawing is complete I will export the “under” layer (leaving the line and crosshatch layers untouched) in into an app that creates a knitting pattern.

4. I knit the fabric using between 4-6 colors of yarn on a vintage hacked knitting machine.

5. For the Knit Prints the knit fabric is then blocked, photographed and digitally layered again beneath the crosshatch layer.

A similar process is done repeatedly for the Knit Animation series. The Knit Tapestries and Knit Art exhibit the physical knitting and follow a slightly different process for step 5 detailed above.”


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill

Faith said, “I love working this way, not only do I get to balance my traditional training in drawing and knitting but I also get to tinker with new and old technology. The process feels genuine to me after all with my implants, technology is part of who I am. I also greatly love working with my portrait subjects. I love that they are strangers to me, I can think of no more worthy subject. Spending all that time with someone I don’t know develops empathy and appreciation for others.”


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill

“I grow connected to all the subjects of my portraits and feel they should be displayed and celebrated. Studying their faces helps me discover our similarities as people, an empathy that I hope resonates with the viewer as well,” she added.


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill


Image source: Faith Humphrey Hill

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