Athletes From All Over The World Get Naked In Front Of The Camera For Charity, And The Pictures Will Make Your Heart Race

Published 6 years ago

Boxers, ballerinas, and basketball players are all among the 18 incredibly fit participants that agreed to take off their clothes for a good cause.

Photographer and former biathlete Dominika Cuda was the one who came up with the idea for the project that took one year to complete. Unlike most calendars, includes more than just 12 pictures. Instead of just giving each athlete a separate month, the author of the idea created a 300-page personal sport planner that will allow the person to track their training progress, sleeping patterns and nutritional plans all whilst admiring the beautifully captured bodies.

The planners are available in all-male and all-female versions, depending on the preference, for about $36. This calendar benefits One Year Fund, a charity that supports underfunded young athletes by raising money for footwear, clothing and equipment they need. Cuda, who struggled to find funding when she was an athlete herself, is now exited to help the younger generation to pursue their dreams.

Scroll down to see the awe-inspiring pictures, check out the One Year Fund page to get your own copy, and, if you’re an athlete who feels inspired by this project, make sure to contact the author of the pictures – she would be more than happy to consider you to be the model for her next year’s calendar.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t)

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