Disney Is Working On 3D Coloring Books

Published 9 years ago

Augmented reality is going to change everything, one day. Now, it’s changing coloring books. Disney is working on software that would scan pictures as children color them, project them as 3D characters, and even make them move. The two greatest innovations are filling in the figurine in real time and automatically coloring and modeling the opaque side of the character than kids can’t color in – coloring books are 2D, of course!

The project is developed by Disney Research Zurich and was presented in the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2015. The aim is to get children interested in creative processes instead of being passive consumers. The Disney project is similar (but more advanced) that Quiver (formerly colAR)m an app that animates specially prepared drawings that children colored in using pencils.

More info: disneyresearch.com (h/t: gizdmodo)

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Disney Research Video Explaining The Magic Behind The Process:

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