Disney Princesses Transformed Into Tattooed Pin-Ups

Published 9 years ago

People love reimagining Disney princesses, everyone with at least one functioning eye knows that. Joel Santana makes them into badass tattooed belles. The princesses are prime targets for this sort of work, having just the right mixture of fame, nostalgia and importance to body image. Santana’s work is relatively tame: if the tattooed princesses make a statement, then it’s “tattoos are great, you should probably get a few.”

While he works as a designer, Joel Santana claims to be an illustrator at heart. He’s also interested in animation, photography and fine arts. When not drawing princesses, he makes 3D characters, Avengers-Game of Throne mashups and other zany art.

More info: theartofsantana.com | facebook | twitter | deviantart (h/t: hellogiggles)

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Belle, Beauty And The Beast


Snow White


Ariel, The Little Mermaid


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