Artist Shows How Disney Princesses Would Look As Different Ethnicities

Published 10 years ago

Visual experiments with Disney characters have become quite a popular way to explore alternative fictional realities and to make social statements. The author of the Let There be Doodles Tumblr, for example, reimagined how the most iconic and beloved Disney princesses would look if they had different ethnicities.

No political agenda in mind for these edits (except maybe the desire to see a little more diversity),” claims the artist. “I just love working with character design.

The princesses look equally beautiful before and after their changes. However, many of the stories are tightly bound to the ethnicities of the main characters, leaving us wondering how the stories themselves might look in different settings. Not all famous fairy tales were originally as we know them today.

Fairy tales are constantly being taken out of their cultural context,” points out the artist. “Most of the fairy tales that we know now were taken out of their original cultural context and altered. Aladdin was originally set in China. The Frog Prince was Latin, and was altered over and over again in several countries.

Moe info: Tumblr (h/t: buzzfeed)

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Snow White

Ariel from The Little Mermaid


Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Megara from Hercules

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog


Jasmine from Aladdin

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