Artist Gives Disney Princesses Disabilities And Disorders To Draw Attention To Disabled Rights

Published 6 years ago

We’re used to seeing Disney princesses as beautiful and flawless women, but one artist named Arien Smith decided to recreate them in an unusual way to advocate an important message. The series is called “Royal Service Dogs” and it aims to draw more attention to disabled rights.

Arien is an activist for mental health and wants to raise awareness about the importance of service dogs. In the series, he gave each princess disabilities and described how service dogs could help deal with each of them. The artist describes his works as “both a critique on the lack of disabled characters and advocacy for disability rights.”

Check out the disabled princesses and their service dogs in the gallery below!

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Cinderella lives with fibromyalgia, which is an invisible condition but can be disabling for many people. Your service dog help her out by removing her shoes.


Here the image represents Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. C-PTSD is a type of response to prolonged trauma (frequently in childhood). Service dog is helping her out of a very strong dissociative state, then providing tactile stimulation for comfort and grounding.


Tiana has Autism. Her little service dog (small dogs are also great) is not performing a task in this figure, but tasks for autistic people may include tactile stimulation, disruption of physically harmful behavior, orientation during over-stimulation episodes, and anxiety calming.


Belle has Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Her service dog is demonstrating a blocking stance so she can be alerted if someone approaches her behind.

Snow White

Snow White is allergic to some foods (the artist made reference to mace). Her service dog alert to an allergen in her food.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty with Narcolepsy. Your service dog is holding his head after an episode of daytime drowsiness. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition that affects sleep and arousal.


Pocahontas has diabetes. Her service dog is a medical alert dog, which tells her through pawing or nudging if her blood sugar is too high or too low.

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