‘Then And Now’ Photos Of Sexiest Man Alive As Chosen By The ‘People’ Magazine (1990-2021)

Published 3 years ago

The ‘People’ magazine has been carrying around this tradition of choosing the ‘sexiest man alive’ since 1985, as it puts the best-looking men on its cover. Although the idea of ‘sexy’ is subjective, People’s choices of sexy men have been appreciated by most people. This year, the title went to the Ant-man star, Paul Rudd, who is having a hard time accepting this title. As he said humbly in people’s cover story, “I do have an awareness, enough to know that when people hear that I’d be picked for this, they would say, ‘What?'” Well, leave that for people to decide, Paul! They may say ‘Wow‘ instead of ‘What?’!

Whether you agree or disagree with the magazine’s choice, we invite you to scroll down below to see the People magazine’s favorites from 1990 to 2021. We have also attached recent photos of all those celebs on the list. Enjoy!

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There have been many famous men that have won the Sexiest man Awards over the years. Here are some of the previous winners. Starting off with Tom Cruise  in 1990

Image credits: people

And here’s how he looks like now

Image credits: Paramount Pictures

Sexiest Man of 1991, Patrick Swayze (passed away 2009)

Image credits: people/ ABC News

Sexiest Man of 1992, Nick Nolte

Image credits: people/ UniFrance

Sexiest Man of 1993, Richard Gere

Image credits: people/  extratv

Sexiest Man of 1994, Keanu Reeves

Image credits: people/ shutterstock

Sexiest Man of 1995, Brad Pitt

Image credits: people/ BreitlingOfficial

Sexiest man of 1996, Denzel Washington

Image credits: people/ officialdenzelwashingtton

Sexiest man of 1997, George Clooney

Image credits: people/ Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sexiest Man of 1998, Harrison Ford

Image credits: people/ IUCN

Sexiest Man of 1999, Richard Gere

Image credits: people

Sexiest man of 2000, Brad Pitt

Image credits: people

Sexiest man of 2001, Pierce Brosnan

Image credits: people/ piercebrosnanofficial

Sexiest man of 2002, Ben Affleck

Image credits: people/ BenAffleck

Sexiest Man of 2003, Johnny Depp

Image credits: people/  johnnydepp

Sexiest Man of 2004, Jude Law

Image credits: people/ Peace One Day

Sexiest man of 2005, Matthew McConaughey

Image credits: people/ officiallymcconaughey

Sexiest man of 2006, George Clooney

Image credits: people

Sexiest Man of 2007, Matt Damon

Image credits: people/ First We Feast

Sexiest Man of 2008, Hugh Jackman

Image credits: people/ thehughjackman

Sexiest man of 2009, Johnny Depp

Image credits: people

Sexiest man of 2010, Ryan Reynolds

Image credits: people/ vancityreynolds

Sexiest Man of 2011, Bradley Cooper

Image credits: people/ Movie Coverage

Sexiest Man of 2012, Channing Tatum

Image credits: people/ channingtatum

Sexiest Man of 2013, Adam Levine

Image credits: people/ adamlevine

Sexiest Man of 2014, Chris Hemsworth

Image credits: people/ chrishemsworth

Sexiest Man of 2015, David Beckham

Image credits: people/ davidbeckham

Sexiest Man of 2016, Dwayne Johnson

Image credits: people/ therock

Sexiest Man of 2017, Blake Shelton

Image credits: people/ blakeshelton

Sexiest Man of 2018, Idris Elba

Image credits: people/ idriselba

Sexiest Man of 2019, John Legend

Image credits: people/ johnlegend

Sexiest Man of 2020, Michael B.Jordan

Image credits: people/ michaelbjordan

Paul Rudd has been announced the Sexiest Man of 2021, and the internet went crazy

Image credits: people

After the exam, Colbert told Rudd he “tested negative for sexy.” But as the actor began to walk away in apparent disappointment after thanking for the opportunity, the host (and a roomful of people dressed in white lab coats) began to clap.

“There’s nothing sexier than humility … and you passed!” Colbert said, “Paul, you’re the sexiest man alive.”

“I’m the sexiest man alive?!” Rudd couldn’t believe it. He covered his mouth before being crowned, given flowers and a beauty-pageant banner reading, “SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.”

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