25 Of The Funniest Travel Fails People Have Shared For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

Published 2 years ago

It’s funny how things rarely ever go as planned. Although we can get travel insurance, there is no insurance for all the unexpected things that go wrong when traveling. From getting ripped off by a taxi driver to getting scammed by locals at a tourist trap. Nobody’s protected from such accidents.

Inspired by his recent travel, Jimmy Fallon announced another “Hashtags Time!” asking people to tweet a weird or funny travel experience they’ve had. Jimmy started the thread himself by writing, “I was on a long trip with three transfers and was somehow next to a crying baby on every single flight.”

Keep reading to see some of the travel experiences so random and hilarious that these people just had to share them for the #TravelFail challenge. Interested in more Jimmy’s hashtag challenges? Check out other Demilked articles here and here.

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