Use Condoms, Avoid Unplanned Little Tyrants

Published 9 years ago

Nobody is saying that babies literally are tiny Hitlers. But as ‘Use condoms with care’ PSA ad by Ganesh Prasad Acharya suggests, unplanned babies can impact your life in dramatic ways. Having a baby is a huge investment in time, money, and sanity – that‘s why Salvador Dali is also featured here. So, it‘s a rational assumption that an unplanned baby can throw a spanner in all sorts of works. The PSA uses symbols of famous dictators (and a famous artist) to stress the severity of impact that unwanted pregnancies can have on your life. Using condoms can prevent that, and let you plan ahead for a child. It will still consume a lot of time and effort, but, having planned ahead, one has better chances on withstanding the tiny reign of terror.

One most also be mindful of one other thing: the ad doesn’t say “your baby might grow up to be Stalin”. While he might, it was in no way what the ad director had in mind.

(h/t: adsoftheworld)

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