20 Examples Of Hilarious Design Fails Shared On This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

It’s quite easy to spot a terrible design even if you are not a designer. Usually, a bad design looks hideous, doesn’t have any proper function, or, in some cases, actually does the opposite of what it’s supposed to.

People in this corner on Reddit share the pics of the worst designs they’ve spotted in the wild. Check out some of the most hilarious ones in the gallery below, and if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

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#1 Ok Milka, I See You

Image source: chloeweasleyzzz

#2 Ohhhhh, You Mean Capital Jazz Fest

Image source: neuroticsmurf

#3 This Braille Was Printed On Paper

Image source: IEATSAND123

#4 They’re Right

Image source: BoomerzDoomerz

#5 Interesting Bus Seat Design

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Palm Trees With Christmas Lights

Image source: Zyxwgh

#7 I Used To Be Able To See The Towel On Her Head

Image source: gl000p

#8 Who Was The Genius

Image source: ILuvShrekMemes

#9 Taken From R/Funny

Image source: Gamerboy200808

#10 Click Here On A Newspaper

Image source: i_like_miniwheats

#11 Elmo Is Tierd Of Children Now

Image source: practicalsargent

#12 Too Cheeky

Image source: yurboimee

#13 Kind Of A Crappy Design If You Ask Me

Image source: i_like_miniwheats

#14 This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

Image source: RADD_13

#15 Sure Thing

Image source: BlazingIT01

#16 Oh Dear

Image source: mimibleu

#17 Why??

Image source: tastycookie01

#18 That’s Some Long Arm

Image source: RealPizza25

#19 Why?????

Image source: HayleyJamison

#20 Congrats

Image source: BugManLife

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