20 Funny Examples Of Taxidermy Gone Horrifically Wrong

Published 1 year ago

Taxidermy is the incredibly weird but popular art of stuffing or preparing dead animals for mounting or study. It usually involves the dead animals’ real skin and fur being arranged over a fake body as realistically as possible.

Bad Taxidermy’ is a Facebook page moderated with the sole purpose and intention of displaying uniquely taxidermized animals arranged in poses that honestly require a strong sense of humor to make the whole experience palatable and a sensitive person should definitely proceed with caution.

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#1 Soon, You Will Be Mine!

Image source: Haley Prescott

#2 Rescuers Down Under!

Image source: Justice for Jaleayah

#3 Portal

Image source: Justice for Jaleayah

#4 Naughty Little Friday Night Mouse

Image source: Vanessa MacDougall

#5 Lets Boogie Woogie. Art By Toddities Animal Preservation

Image source: Todd Bass

#6 Here’s The Bride

Image source: Kelly Silva

#7 “Are You In Unbearable Pain Cara Mia? Is It Inhuman? My Darling, Is It Torture? Let Us Dance The Mamushka As We Did While Nero Fiddled, Mon Chéri.”

Image source: Arman A. Manoukian

#8 Breaking Bad Taxidermy Rats

Image source: Justice for Jaleayah

#9 Press The Mouse’s Right Ear And Left Foot Simultaneously To Take A Screenshot

Image source: Mauricio Abastoflor

#10 A Ribbiting Display

Image source: Justice for Jaleayah

#11 Only In Vegas

Image source: Nicole McComas

#12 I Saw The Idea Online, So I Made My Own Croccoons

Image source: Jill Dred

#13 This Isn’t A Want, It’s A Need

Image source: Curtis Snable

#14 Rackoon Roll-Band

Image source: Zack Brown

#15 Real Mounted Pirate Squirrel

Image source: Lillienne Shafer

#16 Just Like I Used To Draw Them When I Was 4

Image source: Adam Stair


#17 Found This In Bar In Cody, Wyoming Many Years Ago

Image source: Chris Oney


#18  Anarchy Mother Clucker

Image source: Raven Bourdon


#19 Foxy Lady

Image source: Daniel Middleton

#20 Strong

Image source: Fabien Lecomte


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