10 Magnificent Intricate Baroque-Style Wigs Created By Asya Kozina

Published 1 year ago

Asya Kozina is a talented designer who creates unique wigs out of paper. Inspired by classical powdered wigs and Baroque structures, her works look more like sculptures than hairstyles.

In her new series, the majestic wigs have taken the form of extravagant ships. The brilliantly cut paper designs exhibit creativity at the best. DeMilked managed to get in touch with Asya exclusively, scroll below to read her full interview and check out her stunning works in the gallery below.

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Image source: Asya Kozina

How long have you been creating these wigs?

“Each wig is an individual special story that begins with a research to find symbols and meanings that you want to put in the future image. Some wigs take a lot of time to prepare for a sketch, sometimes it is a study of the history of shipbuilding, sometimes symbols of the Baroque era, sometimes architectural objects or styles, because there are no accidents in my work, it is always an interesting story that can be read and told.”


Image source: Asya Kozina

What inspired you to choose this art form?

“I’ve been doing paper art since I was 10 years old, but at first it was traditional Ukrainian symmetrical cutouts, then asymmetrical silhouettes. Regardless of what I did in my life, paper art continued to exist in one form or another. From the beginning of my studies at the university, I got acquainted with new forms of artistic expression of paper with its plastic possibilities and in 2007 I opened my first personal exhibition in an art museum. Since then, I have worked on the orders of art curators, for museums, theaters, operas, for a fashion house, made my own creative projects, and created objects for the interiors of cruise ships. I have worked with plain paper, wallpaper, synthetic paper, colored paper, and rolled paper. Today, my favorite is synthetic paper, which is snow-white, comfortable, thick and durable.”


Image source: Asya Kozina

Describe your creative process in a few words and how it makes you feel.

“The creative process can be very different and in fact sometimes very dependent on the circumstances. I really want to romanticize it (and in fact, in good times, it is), it is an intimate process of creation, inspiration and enjoyment. But in fact, if the order is urgent, there is no time to look for inspiration, you just have to do everything on time and with high quality. And in the conditions of war and power outages, the inability to work due to the threat of shelling, in addition to deadlines and inspiration,
you also need to think about safety. That’s why the creative process of the last year has been completely different, but it didn’t stop me from making several projects that I am proud of. One of them is a project for the Vienna store, which is built on the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived. There I created 15 wigs based on the opera “The Magic Flute” and using key architectural objects from Mozart’s life.

The second project is “House with Chimeras”. This is a costume for the International competition “metropolitan Fashion week”; which was held in Los Angeles. I had to make a costume inspired by the architecture of my country. I thought for a long time about which object to choose, and all the time I was not sure that this particular building was of the greatest importance. But the war somehow had a strong impact on me personally and on my work, so I delved into my own feelings and chose the house with chimeras. which has become a symbol of the unbreakable leadership of our country, thanks to the daily video addresses of the President to the public.

This building was built by Władysław Horodecki, a Polish-Ukrainian architect who was a revolutionary in the architecture of early 20th century Kyiv. The house with chimeras has been a diplomatic and socio-cultural building for many years, with negotiations between heads of state taking place there, and charity events organized by the First Lady. In the artistic sense, the house is unique, unique not only in its decoration but also in its construction, and it arouses boundless curiosity and a desire to see it again and again.”


Image source: Asya Kozina


Image source: Asya Kozina


Image source: Asya Kozina


Image source: Asya Kozina


Image source: Asya Kozina


Image source: Asya Kozina


Image source: Asya Kozina

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