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30 Photos Of Embroidered Works That Might Inspire You To Take Up Embroidery As Your New Hobby

Published 12 months ago

Embroidery may seem like a boring hobby to some folks but it still appeals to a large number of people out there. Yes, it requires patience, attention to detail, and lots of time, but when you look at the end result, you immediately realize that it was all worth it.

If you are still not convinced, we have collected some interesting examples from the r/Embroidery community to make you understand the wonderful art of embroidery. Check out some of the most beautiful embroidered works in the gallery below, and get inspired.

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#1 Gift To Myself For My 28th Birthday (Self-Portrait)

Image source: ispiho

#2 Loving How This Fishnet Piece Came Out !

Image source: Stitchasoldastime

#3 Bird On A Wire

Image source: Bethcarrollart

#4 A Couple Thousand French Knots & Endless Hours Later, I Finished This 22″ Star Chart! Really Pleased With How It Came Out

Image source: pm_me_lots_of_birds

#5 Silly Rabbit

Image source: notyourcheeese

#6 Finished My Most Ambitious Project To This Day. I Present To You My True To Size 3D Atlas Moth

Image source: Anna8264

#7 Lotus Pickers Done With French Knot Stitching. Took A Lot Of Time. What Do You Think?

Image source: DitiBaruah

#8 Someone Recently Called Me Bob Floss

Image source: jadeillustrates

#9 Barn Owl. Embroidered Bag

Image source: LAMPAembr

#10 Finished Up This Crow Yesterday

Image source: tallisbrowne

#11 My Second Embroidery Kit Completed And I’m So Pleased!

Image source: MRooty59

#12 Made By Nikki Mcmullen

Image source: abaganoush

#13 First Project Ever

Image source: Adar1el

#14 My Covid 19 Candid Internet Photo Inspired Embroidery

Image source:  Iheartbobross

#15 My Embroidery Diary Did Not Go Too Well

Image source: chemical-me

#16 A Larger Bird’s Eye View Embroidery With French Knots & Satin Stitch. What Do You Think?

Image source: DitiBaruah

#17 A New One

Image source: embroiderybynusik

#18 Ukrainian Embroidery All By My Grandmother

Image source: adriannayo

#19 All Finished! Forgot To Post It Earlier But It Took Me A Week To Finish. I Think It Looks Nice For Spring

Image source: hello_berrie

#20 Newest 3” Hoop

Image source: etuaembroidery

#21 Llama Kuzco Is Finished! I’m So Thrilled With How This Turned Out!

Image source: embroideredeyesores

#22 Anybody Like Red Pandas? How About Fuchsia Ones?

Image source: a_warm_garlic_yurt

#23 This Is The Proudest I’ve Felt In A Long Time

Image source: FiguringItOut–

#24 My Non Embroidering Boyfriend Got A Kit And Made Me This Cross Stitch Pendant And It Really Blew Me Away. Happy Valentines Day

Image source: me0wsofur

#25 Made A Little Hobbit Hole For My Sister In Law For Christmas!

Image source: sailorsaturn42069

#26 “Knit 1 Purl 2. Knit 1 Purl 2. That’s Right!”

Image source: Jobelleeeee

#27 First Design Of My Own With Embroidery. It’s Imperfect, But It’s My Favorite Piece Of Art I Now Own

Image source: ellechan89

#28 My Most Ambitious Embroidery Project Yet!

Image source: catherine237

#29 I Finally Finished This Piece

Image source: Sapphiste

#30 My First Embroidery Of 2022!

Image source: _bitterblooming

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