20 Inspiring Transformation Stories Of People Who Overcame Drug Addiction

Published 3 years ago

Many people do not understand what goes on in the life of a drug addict. Usually, these “junkies” or “druggies” are treated poorly and despised by society. I believe that the sin should be despised, not the sinner. Drug addicts lose friends and family, feel helpless about everything, and go broke or homeless sometimes. It’s very difficult to find hope in such situations. Many get lost in the void but some of them surely recover through hope and sheer willpower.

An online community named “The Addict’s Diary” is a platform where former drug addicts share their stories of dealing with substance abuse, and they also post before-and-after pictures of their incredible growth and development. These stories and pictures not only help them to experience catharsis but also inspires others who are struggling with such addictions. These photos are quite powerful as they reveal that recovery is possible and how it makes things better. Scroll below to look at these amazing transformations!

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Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“My name is Brittney and I have 3 years 7 months and 5 days clean and sober. I went from a homeless junkie that lost her kids and everything she ever lived and owned to a severe meth addiction.
I turned my will and my life over on October 12th, 2017. I am now a full-time single mother, a full-time student, an alcohol and drug counselor, homeowner, dog, and cat mom, and the biggest advocate to those still struggling. We do recover!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“Want to see the miracles God can perform? Just look at the proof in these pictures!
Years of addiction, homelessness and pain! Now, 4 months of recovery and Jesus!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“How about that for motivation? I honestly thought I’d die on a park bench with a needle in my arm or by gunshot to the head. I would’ve never in a million years thought my life would look the way it does today.
Stop selling yourself short. You don’t know what tomorrow might bring so you might consider starting today.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“I didn’t know I would lose it all. I wasn’t expecting to hit the bottom as hard and for as long as I did. I didn’t plan to lose my family, my sanity, my self respect and dignity. After a time, I did expect to lose my life, and I was OK with that.
And then it changed… I found a way out and latched on with everything I had. Today I have a beautiful family. I have my daughter back and gained a step daughter. I get to use my experience to help people today. If you think you’re too far gone, that you can’t do it- think again. The journey is long and the mountain is high, but one step at a time… keep climbing.
A beautiful life awaits you at the top.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“Heroin destroyed my life. From the moment I tried it I was hooked. All I cared about was getting that warm rush. I didn’t care about what I looked like, or who I was hurting. I didn’t even care about myself. Two months ago I went to treatment and now I’m in a sober living. Today, I have 53 days sober— and I am thriving. I feel so much happier without the chaos drugs brought into my life!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“60 days clean off Fentanyl, can I get an Amen?”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“For 15 years all I cared about was getting high. I lost custody of my children, was arrested, and found myself homeless in the end. After many failed attempts at treatment in 2016 something stuck. Today makes 5 years clean for me! Recovery has given me the opportunity to go from a meth addict to a productive member of society working in healthcare.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“Five years ago today, I knew the war was over. The drugs had won, and I had lost…. everything.
I surrendered and chose recovery. I found a new way to live. Thank you God for this beautiful life.
We can and we do recover.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“My name is Jess and I am an addict. I struggled with meth for 5 years. I thought I had no hope. I destroyed my body for a peace of mind I never got. But God seen fit to pull me out of the darkness and I have been sober since December 19, 2019. I get to live a life I never dreamed was possible for me! Life is so beautiful today and I’m even grateful for my past because I can use it to help other women recover! I went from “I want to die” to “let me show you another way of life!”
Thank you for letting me share my story!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“My name is Nick and I am an addict. I spent a long time trapped inside the cage of addiction and I never thought I would be able to pull myself out. I was hopeless, broke, lonely and sometimes homeless. I lost everything to this disease. My father committed suicide a year and a half ago and after that I didn’t want to live anymore. After I lost my dad I just kept losing and losing until I had nothing left to lose. I was beaten down, weak and desperate for a better life. I left my life in NJ behind and started a new one in South Florida. Next week I’ll have a year sober. Today I have my family back in my life, my nieces and nephews who are so happy I’m doing better, a sober woman who loves me, a great career doing what I love and most of all I am sober and happy. Recovery is possible though the steps, hard work and dedication. If you are struggling and think there is no way out, just take a look at me, there is hope and there is a way out. Sobriety was the best thing I could ever do for myself.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“From a 98lb crystal meth addict doing the unthinkable to fuel my addiction, escaping jail just to get high and becoming a fugitive on Hawaii’s Most Wanted I hit rock bottom and my future seemed doomed. Everyone gave up on me including myself. Because of my crimes that were fueled by my crystal meth addiction I ended up doing 10 years in a high custody prison. I am free going on 7 years and I now own my own business and I’ve become a motivational speaker. In my 7 years of freedom I spoke to over 150 schools and when I speak to these kids I share with them the dangers of drugs and incarceration. I share my haunting past to influence them to make the right choices. If I can save 1 child from not doing drugs my mission is a success. My name is Kyle and this is my COMEBACK.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“Hey my name is David and I’m an addict. I became addicted to Meth at the age of 19 and it drove my life into the ground. I lost a lot of friends due to my addiction and put stress on my family that never should of been. Climbing out of the hole I dug myself was a struggle but the reward of recovery has been amazing. The Addict’s Diary helped me see that life isn’t always easy but giving up is never an option. I have 3 years clean now!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“My story isn’t uncommon. Several surgeries led to a raging opiate pain medication addiction that ruled my world for 12 years. I watched my entire life burn to the ground around me and everything I loved disappear.
I wanted to get clean but couldn’t stand the withdrawal. It took over a decade to realize that I could get clean, I just couldn’t get clean and be comfortable at the same time.
2/23/2016 was the last time I used opiates. There’s so much happiness in sobriety. Much love!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“18 months ago, the internet was making fun of the mugshot of Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss. Today, Shaun graduated drug court and has 18 months clean and sober. The problem is, you won’t see this shared as many times as his downfall. Let’s try and change that!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“My husband and I went to middle school together and very briefly dated after high school. We both had an addict parent and were party kids. Though we went many years without talking we both continued to grow in our addictions; becoming chained to heroin as well as meth. The photo of me in the hospital was my sixth overdose in five months. The mugshot of my husband was for distributing methamphetamines as well as for stealing. BUT GOD. Our paths were directed to Christian rehab programs that we both completed. And even though we lived in different places we both both ended up at an NA meeting in the same town we went to middle school together. We have now been married 8 months and have a beautiful 3 month old baby. If the two of us can get sober, anyone can. Thank you @theaddictsdiary for spreading awareness and for allowing us to share our story
Galatians 6:9 – Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“The people I hurt the most during my addiction was my family. Guess what? They were the only ones there for me when I needed help. I’m proud to say after ten years of active addiction I’m finally clean and sober!”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“I’m Mariana, 26, the before pic was when I was still injecting myself with up to a gram and a half of heroin and meth every single day. I spent two years this way. Two. The before pic was taken 300 days ago. Look at what 300 days clean has done for me now. Sobriety is absolutely hard, emotional, Lonely, exhausting physically and mentally draining and absolutely pushes you to limits you never knew you had. You will want to give up every second of every day, you will face your demons head on, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. And You know what? Every single moment is f**king worth it, when for the first time in so long you get to see and feel the beauty of life again, you get to see and feel the beauty of YOU again. I promise. If you are struggling, Please don’t give up. Take it one day at a time. That’s all. Just know that there truly is greener grass, but it only gets greener once you start and continue maintaining it properly everyday. You got this. We got this.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“My name’s Angela & I used call myself a junkie. My addiction lasted 13 years, and during that time I lost absolutely everything and everyone I love; including my 3 children. Today I’m celebrating almost 3 years clean. My children are now grown up, and one has a beautiful child of his own . They’ve since forgiven me, and we’re very close. Our relationship is finally that of mother and child. It hasn’t been easy, and sometimesis still very hard
For me, recovery didn’t happen overnight, but it DID happen. That terrible, lonely, empty place inside my heart is whole once again. I’m so proud my children are back in my life, and that they know how incredibly fortunate I am. I have the most beautiful Granddaughter who I’ve been grateful to spend the last 3 years building an incredible bond with. She may have saved me. I now own my own vehicle, have a beautiful home, a good job and am in college for chemical dependency. I know it’s terribly cliché, but I really was “sick & tired of being sick & tired” , and if you are too, please try to get help. Our children grow up way too fast. I was able to make it happen. So can you. I’m sharing this picture because I want anyone who’s still out there sick and suffering to know your never to far from a different life. I’m not ashamed of this picture or the judgment that may come with it because it may save a life. That same person in that picture gave me the strength to be the person I am today.”


Image source: The Addict’s Diary

“14 years ago today I had to make a very difficult decision, to either live or die. My life had completely fallen apart and with meth, I had lost everything. I hated myself an those that knew me then probably hated most things about me too. With some much needed hard love I was forced to change my life. I had to find God again and a purpose for living and I did!! Being sober was all I wanted so I could have my life back. It was a long, hard road but I worked daily an slowly regained myself. My kids have been my ultimate goal an they are my heart. I am truly blessed that God saw to it that I’m still here today for them. Can’t say it’s all easy cause the struggle is real but I make the best of everything I have an thank God daily!!”



Image source: The Addict’s Diary

We’ve been thru hell and back but my son has 6 months clean and I’m so proud of him.

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