Mexican Photographer Reveals How He Takes His Perfect Instagram Photos (28 Pics)

Published 5 years ago

We often see photographers sharing majestic photos on social media that leave us questioning “How on earth did they take those?”. Well, some of our questions are about to get answered.

Omahi is a Mexican photographer with over 100k followers on Instagram. The photographer not only constantly shares breathtaking photos but also gives people a glimpse at how they are taken by sharing the behind-the-scenes pictures of many of his photos. A moody photo of a girl in the desert or in the middle of a blizzard? That’s just some clever lighting and a computer monitor. Combine that with some skillful Photoshop work and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

See Omahi’s clever behind-the-scenes photos in the gallery below and check out more here and here!

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Image source: Omahi

The ph0tographer says he trusted over 100k pesos worth of equipment to a cheap plastic case in order to take this picture – but we think it was definitely worth it.


Image source: Omahi

No need to travel all the way to Asia for a picture like this – sometimes a TV screen and a little creativity can take you a long way.


Image source: Omahi

Want to take a dramatic photo during a storm but it’s not raining? Why not make your own rain?


Image source: Omahi

It takes time and resources to take these amazing pictures – it took 3 hours and dozens of burnt pages to produce this photo.


Image source: Omahi

It looks like Omahi’s creativity truly knows no bounds – sometimes a stack of wood and a few books is all he needs to take an amazing photo.


Image source: Omahi

Once again, a TV screen and a little creativity can take you anywhere – even to the middle of a desert.


Image source: Omahi

Looks like taking the perfect picture can get a little dangerous sometimes – hopefully the photographer had a fire extinguisher nearby!


Image source: Omahi

A little help from some friends and good Photoshop skills is the perfect recipe for a great photo.


Image source: Omahi

“Who said you couldn’t make a good picture in a public bathroom?” says the photographer.


Image source: Omahi

I found an abandoned factory that smelled like urine but it was worth it,” says Omahi. Good thing we don’t have to smell it!


Image source: Omahi

Even bad weather doesn’t seem to stop this photographer from capturing the perfect shot.


Image source: Omahi

Even if you get a few weird looks from people passing by, the end result is totally worth it.


Image source: Omahi

Spotting the opportunity for the perfect shot no matter where you are is definitely a sign of a great photographer.


Image source: Omahi

Even though the little Statue of Liberty cost Omahi $10, it’s a little sacrifice for the perfect shot.


Image source: Omahi

Sometimes the perfect shot requires you to go down into the dirt!


Image source: Omahi

We think that at this point it’s clear that the photographer really likes fire and dislikes books.


Image source: Omahi

Some of Omahi’s photos look like an easy way to lose one’s eyebrows!


Image source: Omahi

Want a winter photoshoot in the middle of summer? Leave it to Omahi to come up with a clever solution!


Image source: Omahi

The 2019 Fruit Ninja reboot is looking pretty good!


Image source: Omahi

The photographer is open to learning new skills when taking his pictures – for example, he had to learn how to make a torch for this one.


Image source: Omahi

The photographer clearly doesn’t mind weird looks from strangers when taking pictures!


Image source: Omahi

When can see many ways how this photoshoot could have gone wrong – luckily Omahi only made off with a cut finger.


Image source: Omahi

What if you spot some beautiful flowers but they just happen to be growing in front of a pastry shop? Clearly not a problem for this photographer.


Image source: Omahi

When it comes to lighting things on fire, Omahi is definitely your man.


Image source: Omahi

Want a nice nature-inspired photoshoot but are too lazy to go to the forest? Why not use what you have on hand – like a houseplant.


Image source: Omahi

Taking photos in crowded places can be a challenge – that’s why it took the photographer two days to capture the final shot.


Image source: Omahi

Careful with those flaming roses now – you wouldn’t want your hair to catch on fire!


Image source: Omahi

Book pages, picture frames and even roses – leave it to Omahi to set everything on fire for the perfect shot.

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