Berlin: A Role Model for Talent and Creativity

Published 9 years ago

Right after German reunification, Berlin embraced development to forget the pain that years of wars had generated. The city was aiming to become the capital of Design in Europe. Twentyfive years later designers, artists and creatives consider Berlin the most inspirational city in Europe. In 2006 it became the first city in Germany to be included in the Creative Cities Network organised by UNESCO.

Berlin is an open-minded city that considers world diversity as a resource for innovation and creativity. This call for diversity has created the perfect conditions to transform the city into a hub where creatives exchange knowledge and experiences. Hundreds of exhibitions are held every year, numerous new studios are opening, modern museums become one of the major places visited in Berlin. The city is busy in creating artistic and creative events to connect talented people together. Some new spaces have been built to increase Berlin’s attractiveness such as Künstlerhaus Bethanien, KW Institute for Contemporary Art and ÏMA Design Village.

In addition to the creative spaces and infrastructures, there are a big number of websites and events that encourage networking not only between people living in Berlin but also at an international level. Create Berlin and DMY (International Design Festival Berlin) are some examples.

Modern hotels such as Nhow, Soho House Berlin or Das Stue (awarded “Best Hospitality Design Hotel”) are being created to attract not only regular tourism, but also people who come to be inspired by Berlin busy and creative life.

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Source: atoms and bits on Flickr

Source: atoms and bits on Flickr

Source: Steffi Reichert on Flickr

Source: mompl on Flickr

Source: artfridge on Flickr

Source: artfridge on Flickr


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