Best Luxury Train Tours in India – Palace on Wheels

Published 8 years ago

It is not like Palace on Wheels is the only luxury train in India. Still, out of all luxury train tours in India, it seems to be the first choice of many. I would say, this train has been in the top of the list for a reason. There are 14 saloons, dining car, lounge car, restaurants, souvenir shop, spa and a lot of other attractions. It has a lot of amenities and top class services that are all possible in a moving train.

The Tour of Rajasthan

The Palace on Wheels has the best of all luxury train tours in India that takes you to the Royal Rajasthan. It is a seven nights and eight day tour from Delhi. The tour is available from September to April. The tour starts in Delhi and it takes you to a series of destination in and around Rajasthan like Bharatpur, Agra, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Sawai Madhopur and others. You can enjoy many attractions like forts, lakes, monuments, havelies, parks and others.

Entertainment inside the Train

When you call the Palace on wheels as one of the India best luxury train, it is not just about the list of destinations that are taken up. Any tour agent or even a local bus can take you from one place to another. The train glides from one station to another as you can enjoy a five-star hotel styled cabin and services with butler, climate control, electronic safe, fully equipped and attached personal bathroom, internet, live television and so on.

There are two restaurants that serve world class food from varying cuisines. There is a bar that sells alcohol of many international and in-house brands.

If you want to watch the sceneries as the train takes you from one station to another, there is a lounge room with library and souvenir shop. The lounge room has relaxing chair on which you can relax with a book or a drink and enjoy the sceneries through the panoramic window. Are you up for some relaxation? There is a spa where you can enjoy all kinds of treatments.

Touring Facilities outside the Train

It is not easy to be one the top of the Indian luxury trains list with just a luxurious train and perfect route. Once you are outside the train, you would be escorted to car or a deluxe cabin in which you would be taken from one destination to another. All the entrance fees and other bills would be taken care of by your tour manager. The best thing that I liked about this train is that you can customize everything you want. Do you want a vegan, gluten free food, you can have it. Do you want a translator? He would be waiting for you before you board the train. All you need to do is mention your special requirement during booking and they will take that extra mile to make you feel special.

The Palace on Wheels Itinerary is specifically drafted that you would be spending considerable amount of time in the train to enjoy all amenities inside. Moreover, as the train glides at a low speed, you would not have any worries moving from one saloon to another even if you are not comfortable in walking inside a moving train. Right from the moment you board the train till you departure from the train, you would be treated like the kings of India who used to ride in similar luxury trains in yesteryears.

There are numerous reasons to show that the Palace on Wheels have the best luxury train tour in the country. If you are visiting Rajasthan and want a luxurious way to get around the state, it is better to book your tickets. Make sure to book at least four months before your departure date as the demand for the tickets is very high.

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