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Published 8 years ago

The morning breeze is very refreshing. When people exercise in the morning both their body and mind are uplifted. There are a couple of morning exercises that you can try at home. They say when you exercise in the morning you exercise with your whole body. It’s not only a great mood booster but also will keep a track of your weight and a better sleeping cycle will eventually be achieved.

These exercises that you can try at home are mentioned below:

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Pushups are very good for health and you should do pushups at least 5 to 10 minutes and gradually increase your timing. Pushups are an elixir for trimming your body. Initially you may not be able to spend more time on pushups as after 4 or 5 pushups you may feel tired, but you should gradually increase the timing and then you will be more relaxed after a number of rigorous pushups. If you keep it up there will come a time when you do them naturally and without feeling exhausted. In this way you will also shed your calories and develop a shapely body. As they say there is a shapely mind in a shapely body, so this way your mind will be in ideal condition.

Sit ups:

Sit ups tone up your lazy body. Before starting a sit up, you feel rather uncertain whether you will be able to do the whole thing but once you start it, your confidence comes back and you feel doubly assured that this won’t be a problem for you. Once you learn to maintain the rhythm of the sit ups, then this exercise will be not only refreshing but untiring but it will also give you a feeling of exceptional pleasure.


Running can be done on a treadmill. To start with you will feel nervous. But as you use the treadmill your exercise will turn into a habit. And then you will enjoy it as you enjoy a good meal from a fancy restaurant. You can even walk briskly on the treadmill in the beginning and then you can turn it into a running exercise. This is also very helpful in reducing your flab and making your figure very lithe and smart. When you are on the treadmill, you should start slowly and increase your time gradually to make it a proper exercise.


Boxing is an arduous and demanding exercise. At home since you are alone you can do punch boxing on the punch bags. You can hang the bags from TurnerMAX’s hooks and brackets and you will find the entire exercise very stimulating. These days’ people have started buying Turner Sports UK’s equipment for boxing and they have enjoyed using them for their strength and quality. Turner Sports UK is coming up and is now vying with a number of other companies which have established themselves in the field of sports as well as boxing. If you spend 10 to 15 minutes every morning before going to work and deliver punches on the punch bags during this period, you will feel garden-fresh and throughout your work, you will feel relaxed.









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