35 Times Cat Owner Posted Funny Pics Of Their Furry Friends In The Online Group “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

Published 2 months ago

Cats have an uncanny ability to surprise us with their peculiar behaviors and antics. Whether they’re gracefully lounging on a windowsill or engaging in seemingly inexplicable antics, felines have mastered the art of keeping us on our toes.

Reddit’s “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” subreddit serves as a delightful showcase of these moments, where cat owners come together to share the quirks and idiosyncrasies of their beloved companions. From the charmingly bizarre to the downright perplexing, here are some standout posts from this captivating corner of the internet.

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#1 Every Time I Yell Up The Stairs To My Teenagers… He Appears Like This

Image source: JeniBean7

#2 Orange Kitty Lost The Single Brain Cell In The Middle Of Grooming

Image source: Azsnee09

#3 My Mom’s Cat Stares At Her Like This Until She Pets Him

Image source: johntaylorsbangs

#4 She’s Just Special Like That

Image source: shedrinkscoffee

#5 He’s About To Speak Italian

Image source: fyae

#6 Now It Is Our Cone Of Shame

Image source: just-a-traveler

#7 He’s Trying To Pass Out In Anger… So Adorable!

Image source: llullabyY1

#8 He Carries His Ball Into The Tub And Knocks It Around For Hours And Then Passes Out

Image source: Glitterworks

#9 She Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub

Image source: aquickcupofcoffee

#10 Jasper Likes To Show Off His Knees

Image source: brownishgirl

#11 Just Watchin’ TV

Image source: ThinWhiteRogue

#12 Just Hanging Around

Image source: jasontaken

#13 That’s The Look Of “Don’t Go To Sleep Tonight Or Else”

Image source: memezzer

#14 Bikinicat.exe Stopped Working

Image source: jasontaken

#15 Dis Unacceptable

Image source: jasontaken

#16 Does Anyone Else’s Cat Sit Like This Or Are Yours Normal?

Image source: yungkrueger

#17 Alright Then

Image source:  elefantinxd

#18 ??

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Oh. Ok

Image source: purplesheep19

#20 I Can’t Walk Through The House Without A Derp Attack

Image source: serendib

#21 Caught In The Act Of Attacking A Roll Of Toilet Paper

Image source: outsanitate264

#22 Malfunctioning At 2 Am

Image source: loafjunky

#23 Look At My Toe Beans

Image source: PressxStart

#24 Update Loading

Image source: Azsnee09

#25 *visible Confusion*

Image source: bajinglez

#26 I Love His Feet Sticking Out To Either Side!

Image source: megduck94

#27 Bottle Time Causes Her Ears To Wiggle

Image source: ToxicBTCMaximalist

#28 Liquid Cat

Image source: jasontaken

#29 All Hail To The Light

Image source: icant-chooseone

#30 Yoga Sleeping

Image source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#31 The Tables Have Turned

Image source: modren-man

#32 Caught My Cat Yawning While Tilting Her Head. Confirmed Eldritch Horror

Image source: PocketsAndSedition7

#33 Guys, Please, What’s Wrong With My Bat?

Image source: Nirami

#34 Cat On Television

Image source: imgur.com

#35 Is This What They Call Cubism?

Image source: bajinglez

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