Complex Flight Paths Of Birds Captured On Video By Dennis Hlynsky

Published 10 years ago

US-based artist and designer Dennis Hlynsky films various creatures as they fly, walk or crawl through the world, tracing their deeply complex and intricate pathways. He does this by editing the video so that each creature in the video leaves a trail behind itself showing where it has been. The artist’s most astonishing clips demonstrate the beautiful and labyrinthine flight paths of birds, unraveling the intricacy of their aerial choreography.

Hlynsky, who is also a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, started filming birds with a small Flip video recorder in 2005 and now continues his work with a Lumix GH2. He records gigabytes of footage that are then turned into several-minute-long video clips.

Source: vimeo (via: thisiscolossal)

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