Hypnotizing Time-Lapse GIFs Show How Cactuses Bloom

Published 9 years ago

You can say that photographer Greg Krehel is crazy about cacti, and his passion shows in the most beautiful and productive way. He owns about 100 echinopsis cacti species and hybrids that blossom for only up to a day, though he manages to catch their brief beauty with his mesmerizing time-lapse videos.

After randomly picking one cactus in a local garden store that Krehel thought would not survive the Miami’s climate anyway, he was pleasantly surprised to find out it was the echinopsis. Unlike many other cactus species, this particular kind simply thrives in humidity, giving their owners a priceless view of their vivid flowers that open up in 6-8 hours during the night time.

As Krehel explains, in addition to his passion for cacti, echinopsis helped him pick up yet another of his now larger-than-life interests – time-lapses. See a few of them bellow and if you get hooked, know that there are plenty of others on Krehel’s website.

More info: echinopsis.com | Instagram | Vimeo (h/t: beautifuldecay, thisisnthappiness)

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