20 Complete Strangers Were Asked To Kiss Each Other For The First Time (Video)

Published 10 years ago

The first kiss is usually charged with deep affection, a sweet thrill and anxiety concerning whether or not this is the right time for intimate action. Most importantly, you never really know if you and your date will end up kissing at all or how things will turn out.

This very interesting project, uploaded to Youtube by Tatia Pilieva, eliminates the agony of waiting – maybe it’s not so bad to jump to the kissing right after meeting one another for the first time. Watch how this approach went for 20 complete strangers.

According to Slate, however, this project is actually an advertisement for clothes, whereas the strangers are professional models, musicians and actors.

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“First Kiss” Video

At first they felt really awkward…

…and giggly and nervous.

Then they tried to ease up a little.

And then they just jumped into the action…

…which apparently made them feel a lot better.

Here’s the video if you missed it out at the beginning of the post:

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