Celebrate Singleton This Valentine’s Day

Published 8 years ago

‘Celebrate yourself as a woman’ that’s all I would ask you to do on this Valentine’s Day. We all know what couples do but what about the rest of us. How we celebrate this day of love? Well, our story is not as sad as you might have already visualized it, with tissues, tears and a lot of brooding. Our life is a little different and a lot more unusual then most of the couples. And, I am luckily a part of that unusual life. Happily single. Let me give you a sneak peek at how we celebrate our singleton.

We get ready and try to look the best for our girlfriends. We hang around, have fun, laugh our lungs out, indulge in a lot gossips, go out for shopping and do all the girly stuff. We are still not done, our party ends late after having a glass of lovely wine and sharing our deep dark secrets. The night sometimes end for us and sometime it goes till early in the morning when we end up, going for a spontaneous ride.

Roses not only make an ideal rose day gifts for couples but for singles too. We buy them for ourselves and celebrate for the woman we are. We truly cherish each and every bit of ourselves and the bunch of roses gives us an extra chance to be a lot more beautiful and independent.

Who said singles are the cursed one, and they are the ones who are deprived of gifts. We either get her the bag she was dying to buy but ran out of cash or maybe some other cosmetic which she simply can’t live without. When you are with your boyfriend hitting the highest point of boredom, we are busy hitting on some handsome hunk. This is our life and we thoroughly enjoy it, almost every bit of it. And we are not jealous of all the love birds around us.

Be what you are, roll in the wind, laugh till your stomach hurts and enjoy it to the fullest. This is how we celebrate our Valentine’s Day, spending time with the one we love, hate but still can’t stop loving them again. So maybe after reading this blog, you might feel a little jealous and want to be a single again. Let there be no barrier and live it to the fullest.

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Valentine Rose Day: Love in the Air

Valentine Rose Day: Love in the Air

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