The Best DIY Costume Guide To Look Like The Doctors of Doctor Who

Published 8 years ago

As much as there are action fans out there, there are just as much science fiction fans. It is not a common sight where you will see a franchise last for more than half a century. Although it didn’t run continuously for 53 years, with fans still rating it as high as possible, goes to show how much they love it. Harry Potter, Terminator, Star Wars, Marvel, Sony, these are some of the best brands that have ruled Hollywood films from the past two decades.

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But what about the franchise from the small screen like TV series? Some brands have made their impact on the big screens and small screens. Nevertheless, no franchise can come to the level of Doctor Who. Doctor Who is among one of the all-time popular franchises when it comes to TV series. It has been there longer than any other TV show. Its ratings may not be like The Walking Dead or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it does have great importance in the sci-fi genre of shows. It is so widely known that fans, known as Whovians, never let a chance pass when they get to dress up as one of the Doctors. According to the 21st century, the reboot of the show in 2005 featured some excellent actors play this super alien. This costume guide will show you what you will need to dress like them.

1. Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

2. Classic Fit Stylish Contrast Vest

3. Peter Capaldi Coat

4. Men’s Slim Bootcut Jean

5. Indie Cap Boot

If it is the 10th Doctor, 9th Doctor, 12th Doctor, or the 11th Doctor, you, without a doubt, will be recognized in these Doctor Who costumes. To pull your character’s look off perfectly, you can add some touch-up or style your hair. Remember, these aren’t difficult to copy especially when you have a few items like the shirts that you wear every day. This is what makes DIY guides so efficient. Go ahead, and give these a try.

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