50 People Who Took Halloween Costumes To The Next Level

Published 5 years ago

Some people look forward to Halloween for the whole year and when it finally comes – it’s their time to shine. They don’t just buy any costume from the store – sometimes countless hours go into crafting the perfect costume for that one night. But trust us – it’s worth it.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the best Halloween costumes people have made and we’re sure you’ll be amazed. Check out the epic costumes in the gallery below!


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#1 I Created A Realistic Sloth Costume

Image source: Karoline Hinz

#2 Ratatouille Halloween Costume

#3 My Friend’s Kids Halloween Costumes, Henry The VIII And Ann Boleyn

Image source: monkeygruven

#4 My Daughter And I Are Ready To Terrorize The Neighborhood Again This Halloween

Image source: chickentoe

#5 Turned My Wheelchair Into The Iron Throne For Halloween

Image source: shehappens

#6 Three Girls Dressed Up As The Women Portrayed In “Hidden Figures”

Image source: 1Voice1Life

#7 Peter Pan & His Shadow

Image source: tonygar1997

#8 I Teach Microbiology. Halloween Plague Lessons FTW

Image source: CinnabunsHun

#9 Beauty With Her Little Beast

Image source: GallowBoob

#10 I’m Fat And I’m Pregnant And I Have No Shame

Image source: borrow_a_feeling

#11 It’s Sexy If You Love Spreadsheets

Image source: JiveMonkey

#12 My Friend’s Halloween Costume

Image source: nsk09003

#13 My Little Brother Has Autism, He Thinks A Little Differently Than The Rest Of Us.. This Year He Decided To Be A Formal Apology

Image source: ImSexuallyAttractedToSpaghetti

#14 A Little Late But My Wife Dressed Up As Lara Croft For Halloween. She’s An Amputee So She Improvised

Image source: theschway83

#15 Halloween Banksy

Image source: westatwork

#16 It’s Child’s Play For Him

Image source: TheZenKiller

#17 An Arquillen From Men In Black In NYC

Image source: keypernicus

#18 Russell Is All Grown Up

Image source: mattytingles

#19 My Local Weatherman Dressed As A Bat For Halloween

Image source: graveshd

#20 My Buddy’s Winifred Sanderson Costume He Made For Halloween. Booooook!

Image source: chadork

#21 So My Friend Went To The DMV On Halloween

Image source: paochow

#22 I Think My Friend’s Kids May Have Won Halloween

Image source: Muckman68

#23 Pickle Rick

Image source: ins1der

#24 My Husband And I Decided To Mix Up The Usual Mario Costumes! Introducing Drag Queen Bowser And Prince Peach

Image source: cmalino86

#25 I Was The Royal Baby For Halloween

Image source: TheRealFreshy

#26 My Friend Dressed Up As Gamora From Guardians Of The Galaxy

Image source: beethy

#27 Banksy’s Shredded Painting Girl With Balloon

#28 My Costume This Year

Image source: hamedaf

#29 Since He Has To Wear A Cone, My Friend’s Dog Is A Martini For Halloween

Image source: aldous_fuxxxley

#30 Inspector Gadget

Image source: Runetale

#31 Best Halloween Costume

Image source: KiltyMcKilterson

#32 Skeksis Costume, Dark Crystal

Image source: Starkfelt17

#33 This “Back To The Future” Costume

Image source: RickJamesShowYaTitys

#34 My Friend Is Going Through Chemo And Decided To Use The Opportunity To Attempt To Win Halloween

Image source: thenaterix

#35 This Halloween I Thought I Should Respond To The Comparisons With Disney Pixars Biggest Bully Next Door And Go As Sid From Toy Story

Image source: willpoulter

#36 Lost Dog, Halloween Costume

Image source: OilPhilter

#37 Half My Friends Went As Game Of Thrones Characters So I Thought I’d Pick Something Scary… Most Of Them Didn’t Get It

Image source: twistedsymphony

#38 If I Could Make A Kid Cry Tonight, I Would Be So Happy

Image source: reddit.com

#39 I Told My Friend His Costume Was Amazing And He Said “Shut Up, Baby I Know It”

Image source: thejohnblog

#40 Wilt From Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

Image source: lefthanded_zack

#41 I Heard They Were Remaking Ghostbusters With B*tches But This Is Ridiculous

Image source: jedidachshund

#42 Awesome Lego Costume

Image source: kashluk

#43 My Kids This Halloween. Yes, Plural

Image source: twistedstarr

#44 My Brother’s Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: max__emerson

#45 I’m Not Fond Of Having The Millenial Stereotype, But I Laughed My A** Off At This

Image source: ZombieDreamcatcher

#46 I Told Him To Pick Something Cute For Halloween

Image source: TaraNicoleB345

#47 Aliens Power Loader – 1st Halloween

Image source: WL_26

#48 My Dad Who Is Blind Dressed As A Pirate For Halloween

Image source: meckboi1123

#49 I Figured This Year Was Perfect To Finally Become My Favourite Blade Runner Replicant, Rachael. I Used Six Shoulder Pads And A Sheet Of Plastic Canvas To Get The Jacket’s Iconic Shape

Image source: restingfuneralface

#50 I’m So Hooked For This Halloween!

Image source: potshmaster

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