40 Creative Halloween Costumes That Will Blow You Away

Published 4 years ago

Like every year, Halloween has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and the costume you’ve spent the whole year making became just another thing taking up space in your closet. But just before tune in to Mariah Carey and get into Christmas mood, we want you to take a look at some of the most creative Halloween costumes that blew people away with their creativity. And just in case you didn’t get the chance to dress up this year, these costumes just might inspire you to begin designing next year’s costume.

Check out a collection of the most creative Halloween costumes in the gallery below!

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#1 Alien Abduction Costume

Image source: mrtanaka1

#2 Elton John

Image source: User69069

#3 Our Son Was Born At 25 Weeks Almost 2 Months Ago. His Nurse Made Him This Epic Costume

Image source: mowntandoo

#4 Happy Halloween?

Image source: amlarson1111

#5 There’s No Crying In Baseball

Image source: OTBaseballPhoto

#6 I Grew My Hair Out For Over A Year To Be Bob Ross For Halloween. My Wife Was A Happy Little Tree

Image source: WoodenPayload

#7 For My Son’s First Halloween, We Were The Addams Family

Image source: aiptruss

#8 “What Are You Supposed To Be?” “Nun Of Your Business”

Image source: Piratebutt

#9 My Friend Had An Incredible Grace Jones Costume For Halloween

Image source: NYCgallerydirector

#10 I Made This Barn Owl Costume For Halloween

Image source: kelseyisacannibal

#11 I Finished Making My Son’s Halloween Costume And I Think It Turned Out Pretty Cool

Image source: MostFlavorfulBond

#12 Both Photos Are Me, Two Years And 220 Pounds Lighter. Luigi-Time!

Image source: Kureiton84

#13 My Assistant To The Regional Manager

Image source: mh923

#14 Probably The Best Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: tweedyone

#15 My Son’s Hand Made Halloween Costume. He’s Been Working On It Since April

Image source: jackjr68

#16 The Unsung Hero, Cast Aside

Image source: sorenup

#17 My 3year Old Nephew As A Cowboy Today! Only Did Trick Or Treat At My House But Still Dressed Up

Image source: Lovveen

#18 I Am Groot

Image source: joshsundquist

#19 Someone Suggested I Post My Halloween Costume Here

Image source: zoegirl319

#20 My Wife And I Made Our First Annual Halloween Card! “American Pandemic, 2020”

Image source: Punting_Daisies

#21 Our First Time Dressing Up For Halloween

Image source: Brick Built Apparel

#22 Nighttime Costumes In The Hansa Park Germany

Image source: Daybreaker202

#23 Heavy Metal Rock Band

Image source: mapetitechoux

#24 Since Dragoncon Was Canceled This Year, I Present To You My Lara Croft Cosplay

Image source: Ninety9Balloons

#25 Harry And Marv Walked Into A Halloween Party I Was At. Perfection

Image source: B1tN1nja

#26 Halloween 2020

Image source: hilernothitler

#27 My Halloween Costume Ft. My Pug, Chuck

Image source: TheLittleWinner2

#28 My Daughter Nailed Her Minister Of Silly Walks Costume

Image source: TheKnotStore

#29 Trying Out Halloween Looks

Image source: yunoookumura

#30 I Made My Three Year Old A Godzilla Costume

Image source: johannasburg

#31 My Niece Is Obsessed With Rbg And I Think She Nailed Her Halloween Costume

Image source: spencurai

#32 My Sweet Boy Rats Helped Me Make My Halloween Costume A Bit More Realistic

Image source: pussyforpresident

#33 Still In The Delivery Room With These Two When I Planned This

Image source: Jeezitgf

#34 Ghost Busters?

Image source: TBTEee

#35 Jamaica Bobsled Team Costume

Image source: beaverkc

#36 This Is How Halloween Went For Me And My Identical Twin A Few Years Ago

Image source: WyronBang

#37 My Wife Finally Let Me Pick Out The Outfits This Year

Image source: Reddajb

#38 Stupid Sexy Flanders

Image source: OctopussSevenTwo

#39 Never Gonna Give You Up

Image source: May-o-Nayz

#40 You’ve Got A Lot To Learn About This Town, Sweetie. I Channeled My Inner Phyllis For A Halloween Event Last Weekend

Image source: lizzyleigh

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