Ed Sheeran’s Security Guard Has An Instagram, And It’s Actually Better Than His Boss’

Published 6 years ago

Kev is Ed Sheeran’s security guard since 2015 after his fans got “a little bit grabby”. Now, we’re pretty sure that nobody wants to come too close to Ed Sheeran since he has this knight in shining armor by his side. But that’s not the reason why we love Kev so much, it’s his hilarious Instagram account. After creating his profile in the beginning of April, Kev has already managed to gain more than 300k followers with his hilarious pictures and their witty captions making his account way better than his boss’.  Scroll down to check out why Ed Sheeran is already calling the man the “champion of Insta!”

More info: Instagram (h/t)

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Meet Security Kev, Ed Sheeran’s security guard since 2015

He has just created an Instagram account, documenting his everyday work life

Kev’s pics not only reflect his everyday life, it also shows the connection he has with his boss

Not afraid to troll Ed Sheeran, Kev started adding hilarious captions to the pics

He created his account only 9 days ago, but he already has over 300.000 followers

The photos also prove that Kev’s really good at what he does

Sometimes, their bond seems to be a lot stronger than a simple boss-employee relationship

At least we finally know who the real star is!

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