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This Instagram Account Proves That Models Have A Sense Of Humor Too

Published 5 years ago

It’s a cliché that models aren’t known for their humor, or speaking in general. Swedish model Tilda Lindstam is breaking away from that on Instagram. Likely aiming to prove she’s the funniest model out there, she moves from puns to sarcasm to regular everyday humor. Even models have problems with those fragile iPhones.

“I’ve been called out a couple of times for [my Instagram] not being professional enough,” Lindstam said in an online interview. “I guess now people are learning to accept it. It’s not changing. I don’t take anything I post too seriously and I hope no one else does either.”

More info: instagram | twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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Woke up like dis

Santa came twice

How 2 stay warm in Sweden

Talk to the ham

Heavy flow

The best photo I’ve ever taken, two women reading a map on top of an elderly woman’s head

Backstage @Dior

2014 has been a great year

After five beautiful years together this happened while I was putting my socks on

Getting out of order south of the border

Bby you’re a ship, I’m the iceberg hitting on you

In a cage at the zoo where I belong

Birds of paradise

Copy my shit, expect to get hit

Future family goals

No boobs no Praguelems

Mack & Cheese

I am a great role model for children. Inbox me if you have any that needs to be babysat

Me and my underwear drawer that clearly says “No sex for me please. Thank you”

Bruise Springsteen

Icing my face after walking into a revolving door

Tasting the rainbow

Dreaming of the impossible

Obviously enjoying my meal made out of baby kittens

Friday night vibes

Life is sheet

Martynas Klimas

Writes like a mad dervish, rolls to dodge responsibility, might have bitten the Moon once.

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