20 Times Facebook Page Shared Pics Of Impractically Designed Things That Are Difficult To Clean

Published 11 months ago

Designers often strive to develop visually appealing and functional products that enhance our daily lives. However, even the most skilled designers can sometimes overlook the practicality of cleaning and maintenance when bringing their creations to life.

The Facebook group “‘Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them” dedicated to design enthusiasts has been sharing amusing and sometimes perplexing instances where designers neglected to consider the cleaning aspect of their creations. Check out some of their posts in the gallery below.

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#1 “Sofa”

Image source: Peter Park

#2 Beautiful Spoon, But Come On

Image source: Cesar D’Armas

#3 Why ?

Image source: Marie Latteur-p

#4 I Needed To Use The Ladies’ Room At The Restaurant Before Having Lunch. This Is What I Found. Yes, We Still Ate There. No Idea If The Men’s Room Was Similar

Image source: Elizabeth Lear

#5 This Is The Worktop In A Kitchen. Dirt Just Gets Accumulated In All The Dimples

Image source: Lex Sampson

#6 This Cup, Which I Photographed Before Finally Getting Over My Guilt And Just Throwing Away. Those Arms Are Hollow. Even If It’s Only Used For Water, It’ll Get Damp In There And Full Of Unreachable Mold. Farewell, Cute But Useless Cactus Cup. I Wanted To Give You A Chance, But You’re Just Too Poorly Designed

Image source: Michael Strzalka-Steil

#7 Kids Bath Toys ? One Looked A Bit Weird So I Cut It Open And It Was Full Of Mould! Thrown Out All Of Her Bath Toys That Can Fill Themselves With Water

Image source: Danielle Scattergood

#8 This Chair Is For Sale In A Shop Across From My Office. I Looked At It Out My Window Thinking It Looked Like A Huge Nest Then Pulled It Up On Their Website. For That Price You Know They Have No Kids Or Pets And Do Have Someone Else To Clean It. Now To Go Over And Touch It

Image source: Cendra Lemon

#9 Found One In The Wild Of One Of My Local Yard Sale Groups. If Ur Not Familiar With The Central Valley It’s Dusty Af. I Can Only Imagine This Thing In A Years Time

Image source: Justin Falcon

#10 Well…

Image source: Frits Mali – Vos

#11 Unfortunately, I Am The Cleaner

Image source: Jordyn Beeson

#12 Not Cleanable Things

Image source: Brian Scharp

#13 This Feature Wall In A Pub In Ireland.. I Didn’t Get Too Close, It Looked Pretty Good Considering, But I Hate To Imagine The Upkeep

Image source: Mel Issa

#14 I Finally Have One That Fits Here. This Mouse In The Manager’s Office. I Want To Vomit

Image source: Casey Case

#15 Found In Another Group, I Am Wondering How They Are Able To Clean This Set Up? Seems Like A Cool Concept, But How Are You Able To Dust And Vacuum When You Have Huge Rocks Around Your Living Room?

Image source: Lisa M Neubauer

#16 This Fabric Chandelier/Lightshade Is Hanging In A F*cking Toilet. Can See The Spiderwebs & Dust From My Seat

Image source: Connor Rose

#17 This Sherpa Recliner I Found On Marketplace.… I’m Not Sure You Can Clean This Lol

Image source: Anthony Crawford

#18 Fur Walls, Ceiling And Bedding

Image source: Alice Elizabeth Baker

#19 This Was In Another Group I’m In. They Said It’s A Carpet And They Change It Out Once A Year But I Still Think It’s Gross. ? Sorry If You’re In Here

Image source: anon

#20 This Looks Like Gravel Stuck In Old Gum, With Lime Scale And Soap Scum Accents

Image source: Suzanne Carlson

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