This 3D Printed Internally Lit Fantasy Armor Is Every Cosplayer’s Dream

Published 7 years ago

Meet Melissa Ng, a New York-based artist, a founder of the Lumecluster wearable art producers, and a person responsible for this amazing 3D-printed, internally lit, medieval-inspired fantasy body armor. Phew, try saying that in one breath…

To make it happen, she spent around 518 hours on designing this fantasy gear on her computer, before 3D printing the durable plastic frame and enhancing it with LED lights.

Melissa has also listened to the feedback that came after her previous armor designs and made this one so it would have the qualities of an actual medieval armor and its beauty wouldn’t rely so much on the feminine figure beneath.

“I made this in honor of the creatives out there who know that, even though it’s empowering to be the ruler of your dreams and creations, you also know how incredibly lonely the journey can often be.”

For the step-by-step process of making this magical armor make sure you visit Melissa’s website.

More info: lumecluster | instagram

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