17 Times Teachers Went To Extreme Lengths To Prevent Cheating

Published 4 years ago

“Stop talking!”, “Look forward!”, “Put this cardboard box with a hole cut in the front on your head and don’t even think about lift your head away from the paper!” – if one of these phrases sounds unfamiliar, that most likely means your teacher weren’t that strict when it came to cheating. Some teachers, however, like to take it to the extreme when it comes preventing cheating. So extreme, in fact, they end up being rather hilarious.

Cone hats, metal detectors and even flying drones – check out all of the teachers who went to extreme lengths to prevent cheating in the gallery below!

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#1 Prohibiting cellphones

Image source: unknown

#2 Anti-cheating cardboard boxes

Image source: unknown

#3 Diligent supervision

Image source: unknown

#4 Horse blinder-like hats

Image source: unknown

#5 Stripping down to underwear

Image source: unknown

Indian army candidates were asked to remove their clothing to deter cheating during a recruitment day.

#6 Vintage anti-cheating hats

Image source: unknown

#7 Real-time surveillance

Image source: unknown

#8 Going through the metal detector

Image source: unknown

Education authorities installed metal detectors in exam centers in China to clamp down on “wireless cheating devices.”

#9 Anti-cheating folders

Image source: Karen Sanchez

#10 Anti-cheating hats

Image source: unknown

#11 Drone supervision

Image source: unknown

#12 Anti-cheating umbrellas

Image source: unknown

#13 Anti-cheating hats

Image source: unknown

#14 Anti-cheating cardboard boxes

Image source: dinesh akula

#15 Anti-cheating hats

Image source: gogodollah2

#16 Anti-cheating hats

Image source: mace

#17 Horse blinder-like hats

Image source: unknown

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