Random Coffee Stains Turned Into Monsters By Stefan Kuhnigk

Published 9 years ago

Coffees spills occur every day, and few of those get to be art. Not for Stefan Kuhnigk, who draws Coffeemonsters from coffee stains. He uses the best coffee for the spills. Kuhnigk then lets the paper dry for 4 to 6 hours. Then it is safe to draw on the stain, and it becomes a tiny happy monster! As a bonus, each one of them gets a short, happy story.

Stefan Kuhnigk is a designer and copywriter in Germany. One day at the office he spilled some coffee, and felt creatively inspired to turn it into a monster. He’s done it ever since, even if his office mates look at him like he’s crazy. But Kuhnigk doesn’t mind. “It never gets old for me, because a spill is never the same,” he wrote on Bored Panda. “The coffeemonsters are my way of expressing my love for comics, coffee and randomness.”

More info: thecoffeemonsters.com | facebook | instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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Monster #468


For monster Jim there was only one thing going to be the peak of the week. The search for some cattle and eating it as a small snack.

Monster #432


Fiiiiiiiiiireeeeeee! This monster is clearly on fire. It has a burning arm and a flame as legs. It will roast it’s prey right away. Muhahaha!

Monster #480


This monster is so sweet, it would just eat you right away. And it really could because its friggin 30ft high and its preferred munchie are “humans”.

Monster #275


One morning coffee-frog Paul had to cross a road. And because the cars were fast that morning, he had to dance like he never did before to avoid them. Schubidu, like germans would say.

Monster #219


While Bobby was spectating what was going on behind his back, he decided to take a look on what was lying in front of him

Monster #282


It’s like men watching beautiful women. Sometimes the eyes just pop out. Luckily people are no monsters and it doesn’t happen to them for real like it happens to this monster here.

Monster #447


The official @btconf monster!

Monster #479


Jumping around with Leo! Whoooo.

Monster #403


It tried to get up early but was late anyways. Argh!

Monster #19


Monster #346


Jumping on one finger. I wanna see you pull that off!

Monster #456


The sleep embraced him for too long. Almost four hours passed since he took the one-hour-sleeping-as-deep-as-a-crocodile-pills. But little did he know that the effect on coffeemonster-crocodiles was even more heavy.

Monster #466


The coffee went gone too fast and then it just happened out of nowhere. Fishorman lost his heart and tried to hold it in his chest. But he lost and the coffee went on without him but with his heart.

Monsters #477


Here is a piggy monster, ready to fetch a to be thrown ball. Go, piggie. Go!

Monster #343


4 eyes are better than two – because hunting humans is hard. Even for monsters like this one!

Monster #223


A little four-eyed coffeemonster playing with it’s small dog-monster. I bet it’s got an eye on everything.

Monster #435


This monster clearly has got a message for you: Fu!


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