35 “British Memes” That Might Be Hilariously Relatable

Published 7 months ago

British memes have carved out a special place on the internet, offering a delightful blend of wit, sarcasm, and that unmistakable British charm.

One Instagram account that has become a go-to source for laughter is “LAUGHSSUK.” With its curated collection of comedic gems, this account has captured the essence of British humor in all its glory. Let’s take a look at some side-splitting memes that are guaranteed to crack you up and perhaps even leave you with a cup of tea in hand.

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Image source: laughssuk

Kimberly Alison : “The Charles gene kicked in.”


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

Corinne Wheeler : “Not wrong there.”


Image source: laughssuk

Phoenix : “H.. h.. how does KFC run out of chicken? As an American this is incomprehensible.”

Adam Kelsall : “There were protests when KFC ran out of gravy…”


Image source: laughssuk

Daya Meyer : “Too much information here!”


Image source: laughssuk

Anna Stephenson : “Yeah, that’s not how that works Mate!”


Image source: laughssuk

Scott Rackley : “Solid actor, solid dude.”


Image source: laughssuk

Tobias Reaper : “Sauron was disappointed with this latest batch of Urakai”


Image source: laughssuk

No_nuance : “He looks much better in the picture to the right!!”


Image source: laughssuk

Jeremy James : “I found some data on this. The US consumes about 9.5 liters of pure ethanol per capita over the age of 15. The UK is estimated at 11.4 liters per capita. The EU average is 11.3 liters and the world average is 6.4 liters. EDIT: anually”


Image source: laughssuk

Gary : “Essex, Essex couples.”


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

Anna Stephenson : “Some times Gordon really is the spokesperson for all the things we wish we could say lol”

LokisLilButterknife : “I do love Gordon Ramsey’s sardonic humour. I kind of wish Gordon also called Kylie an “idiot sandwich.””


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

Mister E : “This must be taken during the pandemic…he has Corona after all”


Image source: laughssuk

Themoonprincess : “Is this written by Faramir”


Image source: laughssuk

Anna Stephenson : “I literally have nightmares that start like this, and end with the car flipping backwards and or rolling down the bill backwards.”


Image source: laughssuk

No_nuance : “It’s like he didn´t care!”


Image source: laughssuk

BrownTabby : “That’s New Zealand and we’re not normally that bad.”

Aliya : “Let Them Wear Pants”


Image source: laughssuk

NapQueen : “Wallace & Gromit – a staple of our British culture <3”


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

BoredPossum : “Not only girls.”


Image source: laughssuk

Scott Rackley : “Of course. “Hey Phil, is he using the hammer masonry drill?” “Yeah, DeWalt cordless””


Image source: laughssuk

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het : “I think they’ve missed an “l.””


Image source: laughssuk

Anna Stephenson : “And now in other “things that didn’t happen, Uncle Roger praised a Jamie Oliver recipe!””

Channo Sagara : “Imma argue that her son indeed could be smarter than her.”


Image source: laughssuk

Colin Russell-Conway : “The equivalent of a WhatsApp postcard. Here you keep that!”


Image source: laughssuk

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “Yep, “should have gone to Specsavers”!”


Image source: laughssuk

Rob : “I think I’ll try defying gravity…”


Image source: laughssuk

BrownTabby : “If the first one is British culture then the Kardashians are American culture.”


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

giku T : “Turk here.and this is sooo true considering the sheep ..and the coast line”


Image source: laughssuk

Uncanny : “Also the smile you give when walking past someone in the office when you’ve already done the whole ‘good morning!’ thing.”


Image source: laughssuk

Daya Meyer : “Well, comfy shoes for long days. What’s wrong with that?”

Surenu : “She’s married to Jesus and THAT guy wore sandals everywhere. Fashion-wise, that is a major step up.”


Image source: laughssuk

Anna Stephenson : “Yeah, that’s the thing with missing people Ellie!- not knowing where they are is kinda the whole point!”


Image source: laughssuk

Tee Pussi : “What is with those names?”


Image source: laughssuk

Jennik : “Passwords are strong in Wales.”


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

Superb Owl : “The tastiest thing here is the HP sauce.”


Image source: laughssuk

Panda Kicki : “Aww, poor granddad.”


Image source: laughssuk

Robert Bashford : “For the Scottish police, that’s not what they got in a raid, that’s just their lunch =P”


Image source: laughssuk, x.com

Iampenny : “Noooooooooooooooooooo!”

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