41 Hilarious Times People Thought They Met Celebrities

Published 6 years ago

There is no surprise that celebrities in real life often look somewhat different from the way they do on screen. Makeup, clothes, and lighting used on sets help to alter their looks, hence meeting a person that looks A LOT like someone you’ve seen on TV might be a little confusing. Is it really them or is it just a very close lookalike?

The people listed below didn’t even hesitate to snap a picture with a random stranger thinking they were famous. What if it really is the real Tom Cruise and you just missed an opportunity to snap a pic with a huge Hollywood superstar? That would be super disappointing… Maybe even more disappointing than realizing the person you took a selfie is not actually them.

Scroll down to check out the pictures of “celebrities” that people have met and see if you would get mistaken by their looks too.



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#1 Matt Or Mark?

Image source: Mark Wahlberg

#2 Here’s Me Before A Hugh Laurie Concert, With Some Guy Who’s Not Hugh Laurie

Image source: reddit.com

#3 Someone Pretended To Be Tom Cruise In A Small Chicken Shop In North Eastern Thailand And Is Remembered There Forever

Image source: SuddenlyOutOfNoWhere

#4 Morgan Freeman

Image source: DorsettLouis

#5 Hate To Break It To Ya Buddy

Image source: Maisie_Williams

#6 Wow, What Are The Odds Of Finding Robert Downy Jr. In A Small Texas Mall?

Image source: ClassyRedneck

#7 That Ain’t Drake

Image source: champagnepapi

#8 3 Years Ago, Happy Drunk, I Thought I Met Jake Gyllenhaal… I’m Now 90% Sure I Didn’t

Image source: sorentius

#9 Peter Dinklage Bought Us Drinks!

Image source: Azsharaa

#10 A Homeless Man Convinced Me He Was George RR Martin

I figured it out like a week later when he was still there with his ‘agent’ and his trolley. i had to walk past him everyday for a couple weeks and i avoided eye contact with him because it was too embarrassing on my part.

Image source: RorysStory

#11 She Thought She Met Tyler The Creator

Image source: FlakoTaco

#12 That’s Not Him Sweetie

#13 Been A Year Today Since She Thought She Met Ed Sheeran

Image source: EmmaMaxwell97

#14 My Friend’s Special Bachelorette Party Guest: Morgan Freeman

Image source: Bragadash

#15 Went To My Local Pub. Two Cute Girls Insisted I Was Andy Samberg. Kept Taking Selfies With Me. Bartender Took This. Best Photo Of Me Ever

Image source: rhodesrugger

#16 Johnny Depp Got A Free Hot Dog

#17 Ran Into Chris Pratt

Image source: JJCastilloVR

#18 Just Chatting It Up With Rod Stewart Himself

Image source: RepletesMaryJane

#19 My Dad Thought He Met Will Smith At The World Cup

Image source: BuzzAldrinKillington

#20 Yikes, Bill Murray Isn’t Looking Too Good

Image source: coufini

#21 Friend Thought He Met Bono At Dreamforce In 2013

Image source: ThadeousCheeks

#22 Met Peter Dinklage In Vegas

Image source: orchid_breeder

#23 Not Me

Image source: kenjeong

#24 It’s Common… To Mistake Somebody For Somebody Else

#25 Not Ryan Gosling. Actually Printed In A Magazine

Image source: the_rhyme_minister

#26 Girl From My Facebook Feed Swore She Met Macklemore

Image source: Blue_Thing

#27 Meeting Rihanna

#28 Oprah Winfrey Was On A Flight

#29 Former President Bush

#30 I Spent An Hour Convincing My Friend (Kick Ass) That We Did Not Meet Johnny Depp

Image source: bluest_blue

#31 Sometimes You Gotta Go Back… To Figure Out Who You Weren’t Really Drinking With

Image source: bettkacker

#32 She Met Maklemore. I’m Not Going To Be The One To Tell Her

Image source: itchybrained

#33 That Ain’t Me Bro

Image source: RzLa

#34 Life Complete

#35 A Friend Of Mine Thought She Had Met Zach Galifianakis

Image source: B-Jamz

#36 Um… That’s… Not Me

Image source: ArianFoster

#37 That’s Not Niall Horan

Image source: marissaastacy

#38 Just Met Zach Galifianakis

#39 Drake – Or Not Lol

#40 Breaking Bad’s Hank

Image source: RawrHaus

#41 That Time I Thought I Met Lenny Kravitz At Coachella…


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