30 Times People Posted ‘Confusing Perspectives’ Photos That Puzzled Others (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Everyone can create confusing or surreal photos with photoshop but it takes a good vision and unique imagination to capture such photos directly through the camera. Changing the camera’s angle and playing with perspective can yield some pretty surprising results. And sometimes you just have to be at the right spot at the right time.

A subreddit named “Confusing Perspectives” is a place where people post photos that calls for a second glance. From a cat sitting on clouds to an eagle taking a selfie, scroll below to see the craziest photos that might make you look twice to understand what’s exactly happening in the photo. And if you want to see more such interesting pics, check out our earlier post here.

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#1 Let’s Skate Together

Image source: Mazmagod

#2 It’s Not Her Neck

Image source: ellysmay99

“Why tf I thought this was her neck”

#3 Pupper

Image source: spidysk

#4 God Of The Heavens And The Earth

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Dog_180

#5 When I Opened The Trunk, I Freaked Out Thinking Someone Stole The Cover And The Spare Tire. Then I’ve Remembered That I Bought A Mirror

Image source: d0bdish18

#6 Flying With Air Egypt

Image source: qohelet1212

#7 Perfect Shot

Image source: mezar7513

#8 Found On Tinder. Muppet Woman?

Image source: disirregardless1734

#9 New Breed!

Image source: pardon_01

#10 The Headless Doggo

Image source: nevetsprog

#11 Hell Nah

Image source: MikiRoo-

“Note to self: do not look at the floor trying to look cute when you have silver eye shadow on…”

#12 I Thought 8 Pigeons Were Staring At Me Menacingly

Image source: NOCHNOY_

#13 Took A Picture Of A Pizza And Notice My Cat Looked 2D

Image source: Spacexcake

#14 Trees can hug you back sometimes!

Image source: drdessertlover

#15 3-Handed Woman

Image source: JuneBugMain

#16 Sometimes After A Hike Our Feet Get Confused

Image source: Dylfonda

#17 She Has No Problems Reaching The Top Shelf

Image source: noble_29

#18 Wingbear

Image source: someonewithacat

#19 Just My Dad And His Dog

Image source: themdubbyfries

#20 Giant Bookshelf

Image source: raidd1

#21 This Looks Like Someone Inserted A Mountain And Forgot To Finish The Photoshop

Image source: toft23

#22 You May Now Kiss The Father

Image source: Thunderup97

#23 Mountains Look Like Waves In The Middle Of The Ocean

Image source: smells-fishy

#24 My Sister’s Hand Passing Through My Cat’s Body

Image source: Francis__99

#25 Catnibalism

Image source: Mr_PoopTato

#26 Nicki Minaj’s Forehead

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Chill Out Man!

Image source: pardon_01

#28 Too Big To Squish

Image source: mogulee

#29 African Hydra

Image source: me1357

#30 One Picture That Looks Like Two

Image source: takoegg

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