30 Photos Of Objects Cut In Half Revealing Their Hidden Side

Published 5 years ago

What if we told you all of the objects you see around you have a hidden side you can’t normally see? Luckily for us, there are people out there that are determined on revealing their hidden sides – by cutting them in half.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of some interesting objects cut in half, revealing their hidden sides. From typewriters to meteorites, being cut in half only shows a new layer of beauty these objects hide. Check them out in the gallery below!

h/t: Bored Panda

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#1 Fukang meteorite

Image source: SovreignTripod

This meteorite was found near Fukang, China back in 2000 and is estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old – almost as old as Earth itself!

#2 Cut banana tree trunks

Image source: RyanSmith

Technically, the banana tree is not really a tree – it’s actually a huge herbaceous plant, with its leaves rolled over each other. Many South and Southeast Asian cuisines use the stems in meal preparation for their nutritional value.

#3 Rattlesnake rattle

Image source: sverdrupian

Rattlesnakes are large venomous snakes, commonly found in North and South America. They are clearly identified by their distinctive rattling sound, created by a keratinous rattle on the snakes’ tails. The snakes use their muscles to erect their tails and cause individual segments to collide with each other and produce the sound.

#4 Pearls

Image source: thegodofbigthings

Turns out pearls are not only beautiful from the outside. They usually form when a parasite works its way into a mollusk and the animal tries to fight it. The parasite is then coated in layers of fluid called ‘nacre’ that hardens, forming the beautiful pearls.

#5 Bloodwood tree (Pterocarpus angolensis)

The bloodwood tree is a deciduous tree native to southern Africa. What makes it unique (and gives it the name) is the bright crimson color of its sap.

#6 Adding machine

Image source: crystalandrockyfinds

This machine, popular in many offices until the 70s, is more complex than it might look on the outside.

#7 Simulation to what happens when a small space debris object hits a spacecraft

Image source: Cropitekus

This photo shows a simulation of what happens when space debris hits a spacecraft. The aluminum sphere hit an 18 cm (7 in) thick aluminum block while traveling 6.8 km per second (4.2 miles per second), leaving a 9 cm (3.5 in) wide and 5.3 cm (2 in) deep crater.

#8 ‘Mark Twain Tree’ Sequoia section with historical notations from year 550 to 1891

Image source: jaykirsch

This giant sequoia tree, nicknamed “Mark Twain Tree”, was cut down in 1891 and one section of its trunk was sent to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and another to the British Museum of Natural History in Kensington, London.

#9 Tortoise skeleton

Image source: fubbleskag

Tortoises, along with turtles, are the only reptiles with hard external shells protecting them from the danger.

#10 Poppy capsule

Image source: RyanSmith

The capsule might look cool cut in half but on rare occasions, such a sight can trigger trypophobia for some people – a discomfort caused by irregular patterns or clusters of small holes.

#11 Rock in New Zealand

Image source: pitcher654

The Split Apple Rock, or Tokangawhā, located in New Zealand is a unique natural formation that happens when a rock gets split in half due to exposure to waves and rain. Although the Maori’s have a myth that the rock was split by two gods.

#12 Firework shell

Image source: Dannythegirl

Did you know that while the Chinese invented the fireworks, it was the Italians that introduced the colorful ones?

#13 Tree fern

Image source: Joe Lipson

Ferns are some of the oldest plants in the world and there are over ten thousand different species counted so far. Some can even grow as big as 25 meters (82ft) in height!

#14 CT Scanner

Image source: Chap82

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to CT scanners – behind its shell hides a complex mechanism that makes CAT scans possible.

#15 Wasp nest

Image source: sverdrupian

Most of us hate wasps and the sad truth is there’s not really a way to avoid them – they are found in all continents except Antarctica. They live in unique nests, built from a pulp created by the wasps chewing certain tree bark, adding enzymes and regurgitating it.

#16 Section of Golden Gate bridge cable

Image source: jaykirsch

Each of the two Golden Gate Bridge cables is composed of a whopping 27,572 wires bundled into 61 strands – if they were all put in line, you could wrap the earth over three times!

#17 Hedgehog

The average hedgehog has between 5000 and 7000 hollow quills, that the animal can raise and lower using the muscles in its back.

#18 Military tank

Image source: RaymondPowellIII

Tanks were first created by the British in 1916, during WWI. The first time a tank was used in battle was during the Battle of Flers-Courcelette on 15 September 1916.

#19 Bowling ball

Turns out bowling balls are not just solid balls with holes to put your fingers in – the design is more complicated than that. Manufacturers add elliptical or bulb-shaped cores to the balls to help them build momentum when rolling down the lane.

#20 ‘Lasagna’ style bulb planting

Image source: commoninja352

This style of planting makes the plants bloom at different times, ensuring successive blossoming throughout the whole spring.

#21 Subsea power cable

Image source: sverdrupian

These types of cables are used to carry electricity beneath salt and fresh water. Installing them is hard and tedious work since the cables have to be buried extra deep.

#22 Old style Zippo lighter

Image source: Townshend445

The first Zippo lighters were produced as early as 1933 and throughout time, the design hasn’t changed all that much.

#23 Canon camera

Image source: Leotopia

Canon celebrated their 80th birthday back in 2014. The original camera the company made was called Kwanon, named after the Buddhist goddess of mercy.

#24 Leica Summicron lens

Image source: marcosxfx

This 1998 lens, called Tri-Elmar-M 28-35-50mm, is unique for its aspherical glass design. The lenses were very expensive due to their complex design and were only made between 1998 and 2007.

#25 Vaccine Container (The “Keg Of Life”)

Image source: Samwiseii

This container, used to carry vaccines, contains two metal layers with a vacuum between them and foil-like material to prevent heat loss. The padding in the corners helps absorb shock from drops and the blue containers are filled with ice.

#26 Mechanical calculator

Image source: kymray

The mechanical calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal back in 1642. He created over 50 prototypes before introducing his invention to the public. The primitive machine could add and subtract two numbers and multiply and divide by repetition.

#27 Cactus

Image source: Scout6feetup

Did you know there are about 2,000 different species of cacti?

#28 Fragmentation grenade

Image source: karmicviolence

This type of grenade is called a fragmentation grenade due to the small fragments that are released upon explosion.

#29 Accordion

Image source: speckz

The accordion was invented in the early 19th century by Friedrich Buschmann.

#30 Land Rover

Maurice Wilks engineered the original Land Rover inspired by US-made jeeps from WWII. He liked the vehicle’s simple and almost tractor-like layout with the steering wheel being in the middle. Another upside of this design was that the vehicle could be driven in both left-hand and right-hand drive markets without any difficulties.

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