Photographer publishes stunning images after 4 years cycling 40,000kms around the world

Published 9 years ago

40,000km around the world…by bike.

That’s right. The world. The whole globe. By bicycle! in 2011 Rob Lutter pedalled out of London on the back of an old commuter bike with my camera, tent and a head full of dreams. It was the beginning of a photography adventure that would last four years, over thirty countries and three huge continents.

Along the way Rob rode through the 50’c heats of the Kazakh desert, crossed the Himalayas, took a hit from a car and got chased by men with crowbars through the streets of Malaysia, but also photographed some incredible landscapes and cultures from the nomads of the Central Asian Silk Roads to the jungle folk of Vietnam. He cycled across Europe, Asia, Australia & America before completing a full world cycle 2 months ago in London!

Now he is sharing the story in two designer books full of adventure tales, stunning photography & postcard collections from four years spent living on the road. Discover & support his epic journey at



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