40 Pics Showing The Inventories Of Emergency Services From All Over The World

Published 5 years ago

As a kid, everybody loved playing with those playsets featuring emergency vehicles, little toy policemen and firefighters, and all of their equipment. And now it’s time to relive those memories with the latest “knolling” trend that’s gaining popularity among emergency services all around the world.

If you’re not familiar with the term “knolling”, it’s the art of neatly arranging items on a flat surface. The term was coined by Andrew Kromelow, a janitor at Frank Gehry’s furniture fabrication shop who used the technique to arrange his tools, back in 1987. The trend of arranging things remained to this day and was recently picked up by various emergency services who are taking pictures with their equipment neatly laid out, looking more like playsets rather than real people.

Check out the “knolling”-style photographs of emergency services from all over the world in the gallery below!

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#1 Switzerland Police

Image source: ZugerPolizei

#2 Star Ambulances

Image source: rubstar999

#3 Geneva Fire And Rescue Service (Sis), Switzerland

Image source: ville_de_geneve

#4 Firefighters From Kazerne Rotterdam-Frobenstraat, The Netherlands

Image source: roosadijkstra

#5 Dutch Fire Truck

Image source: envirosec

#6 The Police In Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Image source: police.neuchateloise

#7 Contents Of A Boxer MRAV Of The Royal Netherlands Army

Image source: koninklijkelandmacht

#8 Netherland’s Emergency Services

Image source: embleem10

#9 Dutch Ambulances

Image source: envirosec

#10 KNRM Station Hoek Van Holland Lifeboat

Image source: knrmhoekvanholland

#11 Here’s What Goes Into A New Zealand Police Car

Image source: nzpolice

#12 Julianadorp Beach Lifeguards, The Netherlands

Image source: reddingsbrigadedenhelder

#13 Sengkang Fire Station, Singapore

Image source: myscdf

#14 Fire Department Entfelden-Muhen

Image source: feuerwehr_entfelden_muhen

#15 Air Zermatt Swiss Rescue Team

Image source: BoermansMenno

#16 Volunteer Fire Department Himberg

Image source: feuerwehrhimberg

#17 Here’s What’s Inside A Swiss Police Car

Image source: mostindianer

#18 Fejér County Highway Division, Hungary

Image source: police_hu

#19 The Capriasca Fire Corps

Image source: ticinonline

#20 Netherland’s Emergency Services

Image source: embleem10

#21 Firemen From Zurich

Image source: marcelzegtniets

#22 The Contents Of A Dutch Police Car

Image source: CopThatCooks

#23 Geneva Fire Department, Switzerland

Image source: ville_de_geneve

#24 Emergency Services Personnel

Image source: Emerg_Vs_Urgenc

#25 TCPB Police, Taiwan

Image source: tcpb_commissioner

#26 Rescue Brigades In Haaglanden

Image source: reddingsbrigade_hgl

#27 Emergency Services Personnel

Image source: Emerg_Vs_Urgenc

#28 Fejér County Highway Subdivision, Hungary

Image source: police_hu

#29 French Fire Truck (The Firefighters Of Mazières)

Image source: BachalanyM

#30 Italian Firefighters

Image source: pompieri.vfv

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