8 Times Girlfriends And Boyfriends Shared The Same Images On Instagram, But Created Absolutely Different Captions

Published 7 years ago

Getting a good shot for your Instagram account is only part of the job, the other one is to make a catchy caption for it. And as you’re about to see, different genders tend to complete this task in a whole different way.

Before it became the new Instagram trend, it started with one couple. Isabella Koval was the first to post a photo from a football game she attended with her boyfriend, captioning it: “Always a blast [with] my bff.” Her boyfriend Justin then uploaded the same shot writing: “sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine.” Isabella found this too funny, so she posted a side-by-side comparison of the posts to Twitter and it immediately went viral.

“My boyfriend rarely posts on any social media and I’m always telling him he should post more,” Isabella told BuzzFeed. “So Saturday we went to the game, and I know nothing about football, and he was trying to explain the game to me, but I was too into my food.” And while some thought Justin’s caption was too harsh, Isabella assures it was only a joke: “People are telling me to dump him, [but] everyone that knows us thinks those comments are hilarious.”

Now the whole “My post vs my boyfriend’s post” is a meme, and below you’ll find more funny examples of it.

More info: instagram | twitter (h/t buzzfeed, boredpanda)

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