8-Year-Old Girl Has A Mermaid-Themed Photoshoot With Her Dad For On Her Birthday And Couldn’t Be More Happy

Published 4 years ago

Back when we were kids, we wanted all sorts of cool things when our birthdays came around – LEGO’s, toys, gaming consoles, and all that. But now that years have passed since those days, it’s not the presents that we remember most fondly but rather the people we celebrated with and the moments we experienced. Realizing that, this father decided to organize something special for his daughter for her 8th birthday – an adorable mermaid-themed photoshoot in the river, fishtails and shell bras included.

The photographer that took the pictures, Desirae Deal, shared this adorable father-daughter photoshoot to Facebook and the pictures went viral almost instantly! In just a few days Desirae’s post was shared over 146 k times, and people just couldn’t get enough of the pictures – check them out in the gallery below!

More info: desiraedealphotography.comFacebook | Instagram

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Photographer Desirae Deal recently shared pictures from an adorable mermaid-themed father-daughter photoshoot

On her website, Desirae said she says that her journey with photography after her first son passed away at just 3 months old. “I was sadly left with very few images of him. As a result, I became obsessed with photographing my 3 children. I studied graphic design at Arkansas Tech University and used that knowledge to further my editing skills,” wrote the photographer.

Desirae specializes in children and fine art photography and says that her style is fun and vibrant. She says that her goal is to “provide an experience and memory that will last your family a lifetime”.

See the rest of this absolutely adorable father-daughter photoshoot below!

Image credits: Desirae Deal Photography

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