30 Abandoned Places That Will Take Your Breath Away, Shared In This Facebook Group

Published 3 years ago

Back in the day, buildings used to be a lot more creative and majestic than they are now. Sadly, not a lot of them have survived to this day, and even some of the ones that did aren’t always in the best of shapes. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t admire their unique beauty.

The members of the Abandoned Beauties Facebook group are sharing pictures of the most beautiful abandoned structures from around the world, and they still look impressive despite standing unused for hundreds of years. Check out some of the most stunning images shared in this group in the gallery below!

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#1 The Stairway Of An Abandoned Button Factory

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#2 Abandoned Casino In Romania

Image source: The Glory of Disrepair

#3 Abandoned Glasshouse

Image source: kollaps3n

#4 Abandoned Castle In Italy

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#5 Mcdermott’s Castle, Abandoned Fairytale Irish Castle In The Middle Of A Lake, County Roscommon, Ireland

Image source: malteheitmueller

#6 An Old Castle That’s Been Left Behind In England

Image source: _marcelsiebert

#7 Abandoned House In The Swamp

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#8 A Very Little Key Will Open A Very Heavy Door. Charles Dickens

Image source: kimzier11

#9 The Ruins Of Bannerman’s Castle, An Abandoned Military Surplus Warehouse, Still Stand In The Middle Of The Hudson River

Image source: Kim Zier Photography

#10 Abandoned Mansion, Belgium

Image source: bastionjanksi

#11 The Garden Of Ninfa Is A Landscape Garden In The Territory Of Cisterna Di Latina, In The Province Of Latina, Central Italy

Image source: robyrabs

The garden includes the ruins of the ancient settlement of Ninfa, whose name seems to derive from a classical era nymphaeum, a temple dedicated to nymphs, located on an island in the small lake.

#12 A Perfect Place For Peaceful Thoughts And Meditation

Image source: hello_nady

#13 Ballysaggartmore Towers Are Two Ornate Entrance Lodges (One Also Acts As A Bridge)

Image source: michaela.abeyphotography

They are situated on the former Ballysaggartmore Demesne approx 2.5 kilometres from the town of Lismore in County Waterford, Ireland. The structures are were constructed for an Anglo Irish Landlord, Arthur Keily-Ussher no later than 1834.

#14 Abandoned Chapel In France

Image source: isabelle_van_assche

#15 Abandoned 19th Century Greenhouse, France

Image source: jahzdesignoff

#16 A Library Inside An Abandoned 19th Century Victorian Mansion. Who Wants To Explore??

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#17 I Don’t Understand Why People Abandoned Beautiful Properties Like This

Image source: tmaxfirenze

#18 Beautiful Abandoned Miners’ Cottages In A Disused Slate Quarry In Snowdonia, North Wales

Image source: peter.pup

The quarry closed in 1969 due to industry decline and because 170-years of working the site had reaulted in waste tips sliding into the main pit workings.

#19 Fairy Tale House

Image source: u_r_b_e_x__

#20 Abandoned Beach House Slowly Being Reclaimed By The Sea, North Carolina

Image source: meunderwears

#21 Italy

Image source: samurai_______________

#22 The Magnificence Of An Abandoned Place

Image source: instabruijn

#23 Abandoned Hotel Del Salto, Colombia. Explore Or Ignore?

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#24 Abandoned Guitar Factory

Image source: hirooooox

#25 Abandoned Hotel In Northern Italy (San Pellegrino)

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#26 Abandoned Spa Town In The Czech Republic

Image source: Abandoned Beauties

#27 A Roman Bathhouse Still In Use After 2,000 Years In Khenchela, Algeria

Image source: ACAA

#28 Aniva Lighthouse In Sakhalin, North Of Japan

Image source: lanasator

#29 Shengsi Islands

Image source: w.n__t

There are few reminders of the power of nature as beautiful and stark as the scenes at the abandoned village of Houtouwan, on the Shengsi archipelago just off the Chinese mainland.

This small fishing village was only deserted in the early 1990s, but since then nearly every building has been enveloped by some of the densest greenery you will ever see.

#30 Abandoned Villa In Italy

Image source: glory.of.disrepair

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