People Are Constructing Cat Patios For Their Cats And Calling Them ‘Catios’

Published 5 years ago

Every cat owner knows that cats love to explore every nook and cranny they come across and can become pretty depressed when confined to limited spaces, like apartments. To help these little explorers, a Seattle-based company called Catio Spaces are creating downloadable cat patio designs so the owners can build all sorts of creative outdoor enclosures for their furry friends.

The company, founded by Cynthia Chomos, aims to enhance the lives of cats by providing them with safe and aesthetically pleasing enclosed environments. Cynthia is not only a designer but also a Feng Shui consultant and uses her knowledge when designing the ‘catios’. “Catios help solve the indoor/outdoor dilemma faced by over 74 million cat guardians in the U.S. by providing a safe outdoor environment and peace of mind,” says Catio Spaces. “Catios also protect birds and wildlife. Over 2.4 billion birds are killed each year by free roaming cats in the U.S.”

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The ‘catios’ typically use materials like wood framing, galvanized wire and cedar shelves – everything you can find in your local hardware store. “Wood framework can be left natural, stained or painted to complement a home,” write Catio Spaces. “Floor options can include grass, decking, pavers and more.”


“Cats enter a catio through a cat door insert for a window, wall or door that can allow 24/7 access. There are several considerations when choosing a cat door including the type of window or door, size of cat, single or double door flap, insulation quality, etc. Cat doors can be purchased online or at a local pet store.”


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My dad made my indoor cats a tower/bridge/treehouse so they could safely enjoy the outdoors.


Image source: PurrfectCatios

Our second Catio. Hanging Bridge, Sky Boxes, Center Cat tree.


Image source: alana2323

There are many benefits ‘catios’ provide, such as protecting cats from predators, providing them with exercise and helping reduce indoor multi-cat issues.

Check out the most creative ‘catios’ people built for their cats in the gallery below!


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Guys, I think my cats might be spoiled…They’re not allowed to be outdoor cats, but this is the next best thing! The reason why our cats aren’t allowed outside is because we live in an area with foxes and coyotes, so predators are a real concern. We’re also by a semi-busy road, so cars pose a problem, too. We only set up the tent/tunnel system when we’re around and can keep an eye on things; the cats are never left out there unattended.


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This appropriately named Gold Star Grotto was built for their 6 previously-feral kitties.


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Our gazebo is one of the popular places the cats like to hang out. C3PO is the one in the hammock. You can find him there almost every day. He knows how to make the most of his relaxation times.


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We built a catio for our cats cause we love them. Our cats love the outdoors, but we don’t want to harm the songbird population.


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The cats access the catio via the open window from our utility room (on the right). We bought a cat door installed in plexiglass that sits permanently in the window, so the cats can access the patio themselves in the Winter too. The wild grape vine grew to cover the top of the catio so that it blends in more with the rest of our gardens. Hopefully, we’ll also get grapes from it some day.


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Mark built really long tunnels along the fence that are leading to his two cat jungle gym structures. I absolutely love how high up the cats can sit in their cat jungle gym structure that even has a roof on it! Cats love sitting up high and being able to look down on things.


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Feliz in the jungle.


Image source: Beautiful World Living Environments

Catio with privacy shields and some driftwood.


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Image source: catssafeathome

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