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10+ Hilarious Panorama Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

Published 2 years ago

I remember how excited I was when phones got the panorama functionality and one could finally make some truly majestic pictures with it. But as they say, for every good photo, there are 10 bad ones, and this time we’re here for the latter ones.

The way panoramic photos work is actually pretty straightforward. The camera takes a bunch of photos in sequence and the software then tracks the edges, tonal changes and all kinds of variables to stitch it all in a single image.

So to get a good looking panoramic shot you simply need to pick a stationary subject, hold your hands as steady as possible and shoot. But when some part of this process fails, you get a hilarious list of photos just like the ones you’re about to see below.

Do you have yours to add? Don’t be shy and share it in the comments!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 I Took A Panoramic Picture Of Our Living Room. But My Cat Decided To Walk Through

Image source: FallenCoffee

#2 My Phone Has A Wide Selfie Feature Similar To A Panorama. You Need To Sit Still For It To Work. My Girlfriend Sneezed, And This Happened

Image source: JuddJasper

#3 My Father-In-Law Having Fun With Panoramic Mode

Image source: McFortune-Cookie

#4 Took A Panoramic Photo At A Museum And Ended Up Making It Look Like This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand

Image source: Strid3r21

#5 I Took A Panoramic Photo At A Concert And Lights Changed In The Middle Of It. This Is The Result

Image source: _guppster

#6 My Dog Is A Cerberus

Image source: Pufferchung

#7 The Creepiest Of Crawlers

Image source: unknown.

#8 My Mom Moved During A Panorama. Troll Face Ensued

Image source: maddog595959

#9 Failed Panorama Shot

Image source: gandalfisadrugdealer

#10 What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Photo And Your Dog Runs Into The Shot

Image source: pembull


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